COVER SIEMNA copyI’m going through changes – Ozzy Osbourne (Changes)

The one thing that really annoyed me whenever I type in English is the difference in the movement of my (index, middle, thumb and sometimes my pinky) fingers to the keyboard or should I say the 42 words per minute speed that I am proud to show off when typing in Hmar vanished somewhere between the keys.

I know it is not the right way of typing. Why? Because I should be looking at that screen of my laptop than looking at the keyboard. And, my four big fingers should be rested in the ‘ASDF’ ‘:LKJ’ formation ready to hit the keys while my eyes are on the screen. But I didn’t learn that way therefore I am handicapped in typing.

I know I will never be like the typist I see on TV. Because I know somewhere I missed some steps, some basic rules of typing. It’s like learning to play a guitar, you know basic chords, chord combinations and their minor keys, but jump directly to learning and playing fast solos before learning basic strumming then my friend you will also be in trouble.

One thing I know for sure, there will be a time every month the moon will be full, you will miss home, a friend or at least if you are lucky to have a girlfriend/ boyfriend. There try quenching your thirst of loneliness with fast solos than a soft strumming of your guitar. At that time you knew, like I know, how I missed some basic typing steps you will realize how lonely and handicapped you have become because you missed some basic guitar learning steps. And, I have some names to quote too who made the same mistake and every full moon night they will come up to me ask me to help quench their thirst of longing with songs from ABBA, Trademark, MLTR, Nazareth and sometimes from Iron Maiden, Metallica, KISS, Judas Priest  etc etc..

When it comes to typing in Hmar which I do a lot at a time, it flows like a river or at least a brook. It is so because I am accustomed to it. And, all my blog posts are almost in Hmar. Now that I know blogging in English is not only cool and increases my blog stats it also is a good way I can learn grammar, the one area in my whole educational life I am a beggar excluding maths. And, I hope this change will help me in my grammar.

I again force myself now typing this very words squeezing my grey matter to let out some correct English. This transition from typing in Hmar to English not only kill me, I can’t even type out what is in my mind, which show how incapable I am. Anyway I am trying my best.

Things we are used to it are easily going with us. But when our gear is shifted on its own or by someone from one to the other we are not only shifting our thinking/position, but we are shifting ourselves to a totally new world, where adaptation will take its time. This phase of changes is something we all need to cope and be strong to survive, with a zeal, never ending spirit. Only then we will know we can come out from this side of the new world with new life, be better, stronger and wiser and as for me this new world will restore the same speed of typing and things to write about. Exactly like I have in my mind right now, which as for now I find it difficult to squeeze out of my God given brain. Arggghhhh!!

We have all come across changes, changes for good or for bad. And, there are no changes that small. And, they are not an event, but a process. This life of mine has gone through many changes. From being loved to being let down and busted out from sorrow by love again; from blogging in Hmar to blogging in English. And, many new changes I don’t mention here. They are all SO FAR SO GOOD!! And, I praise GOD for them.

(Johat, 14th March, 2013)

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