Our Daily Bread


Give us this day our daily bread – Matthew 6:11 

I thought I will continue blogging about my life and the experience I have so far as a medical student the hardship, the sleepless nights, the 8 AM – 4PM class from every Monday to Saturday. The requirement of nothing to do, but to study and study, the boring teachers, the strict teachers, the constant assessment. The failure, the heartache, some falling in love some trying, some missing home, some complaining the food and anything there is to complain.

There is nothing much to like about the life we guys are into, but we chose this more than any other profession. There is the fun part of it sometimes which always never out weights the constant tension, stress and home works. But we all try our best to make the pasture we graze looks green, so at least we can pretend it is fun sometimes. One thing we all medical students know is, ‘A medical student is never proud of himself/herself being a medical student because there is nothing literally to be proud of, the notion that a medical student could get a girl easily is baseless and very wrong’. I have not tried it, but let’s hope I know it. *evil-grin*

I feel pity for the ones who are preparing for the medical entrance right now because it is much tougher than it was any time in India. Even if they get through the entrance, only then it is a speck of hell starts for them, I have gone through three years of hell and I know it, the farther I go the hotter it gets. And, right now my ass is on fire, too many assignments to write many chapters left to study.

The higher and the more thicker books I study the better I understand how lucky I am to be here, and how great our Creator is. If you cut open a body there are only a few things you can do either close your nose and mouth, fall unconscious or pray silently and thank God for his amazing Godly work. God has been blessing me with all the things I need, good health, good friends, good teachers, nice campus, enough money to get by every month, supportive and thoughtful parents, sisters and brother and I am proud of it. All these blessings I get are the daily bread the Lord has given me. When I am feeling all alone, missing home or friends, when I feel I am left out to rot. He is my faithful companion in my struggle towards the purpose He planned for me. And, that makes me grateful to be alive.

Cover of the book 'Our Daily Bread' - 2013, 2012 & 2011

Cover of the book ‘Our Daily Bread’ – 2013, 2012 & 2011

Some years ago I had my first copy of ‘Our Daily Bread’ gifted by a friend, and it has been very helpful to me all through this time. Every year I bought every new copy and I read it every day (without fail) before I start my day for college. I actually prefer reading this than the actual Bible, not that I dislike or think the Bible is inferior to it. With a little knowledge of what Bible messages mean, it is very easy to mishandle the message of the Bible. We may try to make it support what we already believe is true instead of allowing it to speak to us with God’s intended message. Some people use the Bible to defend one side of an issue, while others use the Bible to attack that same issue. Both quote Scripture to support their views, but both can’t be right.

Not only it is written to grasp the true meaning of what the scripture says with experiences from real people to relate to it. It is written in short, simple English for every day 365 times and never missing any major events or minor events in the Bible from the birth of Christ to His death and a good Bible verse to relate to it, which indeed helps one get to face the obstacles in front of him. Although there are only another 40 languages which publish the same it is one other book worth having for every Christian other than the Bible. Especially for students like me, whose faith in the Lord is not always strong and who needs the word of the Lord for guidance as we like we all need our daily bread for our daily weak natural human survival.

So, we must all ask God to give us ‘Our Daily Bread’ so that we may dwell in the Lord and be an instrument of peace for our brothers and sisters and be source of light not darkness!!

(Jorhat, Sunday 24th, March 2013)

4 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. This ” If you cut open a body there are only a few things you can do either close your nose and mouth, fall unconscious or pray silently and thank God for his amazing Godly” is this you original quote???? Very good,

    i thought you can write only love story lol

    • Julie – Yes, and thanks 😀 i don’t write only love story as you put in..This article is dedicate to a girl who also read ‘OUR DAILY BREAD’ i hope u know who she is 😀

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