Calm as a brook that flows – her mind
Hairs soft like silk and shiny long
Radiates the most corners of my mind
In beauty she walks
She is an embodiment of pure beauty
The beauty that surpasses all
You beautiful being, gracing charm

Height none stands alike her
Loved above all
Up above all others she stood
Others she surpasses them all
There is a beauty none like her
Here is a beauty by God’s artful hands, I
Adore her and love her like none
Never will I stray from her, but
Gives her all the love she deserves
Pretty smile and kind eyes
Under the moonlit night I miss her more
I blazed and melt for her

He loves her, will
Marry her if only she cares
Anything for her he promises
Really anything for her, because he loves her truly, madly, deeply


16 thoughts on “She

  1. Ei nasha in ei draptlak tho chu anih…..Eh ka comment sei pei nawhhhh hahahahahaahahahahah Ka zak a sie em…… hahahaahahahahaha

    • u Johanan – Huisss nunghak hming tluon hrietna pha damin lo hmang la tha hi tie 😉
      thanks for visiting and appreciate your sarcastic comment 😛

  2. Hey 😉 Great poetry here! That too with a name.. i think ‘she’ saw this. “she; is one lucky girl. I love reading your blog. Very insight, realy life and touching..oh! i am following you. U inspire me IJASSDIE

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