One Direction

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts..”

–William Shakespeare (The Seven Ages of Man)

I have some friends on Facebook who are as they are crazy or let me say die-hard fans of one English-Irish pop boy band called ‘One Direction.’ I have no intention to blog about the band by praising them or giving them a nice and tight slap on their faces. But, I am trying to write something all the while controlling myself not to throw up.

At times my Facebook news feed is all about these boys and this even makes me like one of their songs ‘One Thing’ until I found out they copied/tricked two of their best songs – ‘Na Na Na’ and ‘Up all night’ from ‘My Chemical Romance’ and ‘Blink-182’. This has changed my whole perspective toward them, ‘them’ meaning the boys. Do I hate them? Read on and you will know.


First, things first, it was never their intention to form a band, what all they did was to make out something from their lives and joined the seventh series of British television singing competition: The X -Factor which they terrible lost. Oh! Wait they finished third. Hey! I am not going to say ‘they’re gay’ just because of the way they dress: their slim yellow or pink pants, the way they put their hair or their cheesy musical. But, if I see them in gay pride parade I won’t open my mouth in disbelief.

To be as plainly honest as possible, I listened to their songs and I just couldn’t get into it at all, the whole vibe they rub on me is very- somewhat snobby rich kids-ish? Not to mention how hideously unattractive they are. Even the Beatles had a cute guy (Paul McCartney), but this band doesn’t have one pretty face or let me say they have Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. Unfortunately I can see them fading in about two or three years from now. Don’t start hating me because I am giving my opinion and it is stupid to get worked up over someone on the internet…

I’d rather listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nazareth, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, I can go on! But, if you like them, then why the blazes do you care about what others think of your band? My favorite band is Iron Maiden and I don’t give a damn when people said they used keyboards on their music.

Enough is enough! I think you already hate me for making this post published or you liked this post that’s not me in concern. What I actually want to reflect here is the different stages we all go through in life as a normal human. You might question me to what stage I am now as I am typing these words. That, my friend is a superhero secret 😀

Here are some of the few transitions in my musical life I will like to share:
My Boy Band – TAKE THAT


The one and only boy band I listened to was ‘Take That’ that too while I was in high school, but mind this: Not for a long time. Well, as you might say they are ‘very Purana boy band’ Mark Owen and Robbie Williams were some of the members.‘How deep is your love?’, ‘Want you back’ were some of their songs I really liked. You might as well scratch your head right now not knowing what type of boy band exists during our time: Stone Age? Never mind.



While I was in eight standard I have a cousin who was and is a big fan of Metallica, from him I was introduced to Metallica’s ‘The Black Album’ with black background and a snake. I listened ‘Enter Sandman’ for like a week because I couldn’t figure out how the rest of the songs be any better. Without exactly knowing the lyrics I hummed along listening to all of their songs. This type of music has really got into my bones, bands who dare not to sing ‘Oh! Baby’ like every other song, the way it sounds, the no keyboard music, regular guys with no make ups, T-shirt, jeans and skull crushing metal.

Along the way I listened to Iron Maiden, Nazareth, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and many more all the while also listening some alternative music, punk rock, R&B, rap and some slow music just to keep myself in the game, but never any more sounds of boy bands until this freaky, creepy boy band showed up in my Facebook news feed. But nothing compares the metal band I loved, but maybe if I am a girl I might just like boy bands like I did with my favorite metal bands.

But things change as I grow, my love for metal bands slowly flows down the drain leaving me to think of something of my life, something that will matter more than just a head banging metal band: my career, health, family, friends and coping with life’s endless games of struggling to stay afloat.

As I have always said to friends my love for music will stay with me until I breathe my last, but I have moved on as an adult to thinking more clearly and I feel my stage of loving heavy metal has left me. But to what stage do I belong that I actually don’t know. Maybe in lover? Do I? Hah!!

So does it really matter to you, me hating or liking the bands you like or hate? I don’t think so because I know as Shakespeare has said in his poem ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ we all have our entrance and exit and all men and women merely players applying that into music we all have our time of liking boy bands irrespective of what sex we might be than transition to heavy metal bands or punk rock or rap music or R & B or to any other music genre.

So as we sail along, to rough seas or calm seas whatever it might be we should not lose track, never to be so extreme or so hard core about it but be in one direction that is to make our life worth living, respectable, honorable, remembered, loving and leading a good and healthy productive life because “we live in deeds, not years.”

(Jorhat, 7th Sunday, 2013)

10 thoughts on “One Direction

  1. Ei music taste hi an ang vawng nawa zuk insawisel el thei ding bik hi ei um chuong nawh eh.. anachu keikhawm, hip-hop le R n’ B hi chu ka ngaina naw fet ie!

    • iengkhawm – A tlangkawmna thu pui khakin ei hung siem ta khi tie hehehe..ka tia chu kei khawm ku hi Christina Aguilera chu ka ngai nuom fut ani uo 😀

      Anachu a Iron Maiden le Metallica hai tluk idng hi chu a um naw nih..vawk in ngieka in ngiek hla ti lo hi chu ka ngai nuom deu vawng ie

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