LIFE: Medical Student – II


Life out here is raw
But we will never stop
We will never quit – Metallica (Whiplash )

It’s 3:30 in the evening and another 30 tiring more minutes is freedom. Sitting at the back as usual, squeezing his big body into a bee size so his teacher won’t be able to see him. Because, she likes asking him questions and somehow she never missed asking him one, but today his trick seems work or his friend sitting in front of him is so bigger than him that he somehow disappeared from his teacher’s view.

After she took the attendance of the class, he was already happy and was giving a victory smile to his friends beside him. To all the students’ surprise a Saree clad middle age woman, the most feared teachers in the college enters the room- venomous serpent, antagonistic, baleful, baneful, cussed, deadly, evil, lethal, malicious, mean, savage, vicious as they usually defined her personalities. Her favorite pastime: insulting students by asking some very very out-of-the-book questions and laughing at them afterwards.

Like the Royal Marines (British Commandos) he really likes to be, slowly, but steadily looked at his teacher and quickly ducked back to his prone position, but suddenly like a thunderstorm in clear sky she called him by his full name. What a big bad luck, cursing his teacher he stood up. In his mind he thought how unlucky he is! One false move like one of these and you get shot right in the face and now his whole body is exposed like the woman in labor room delivering a baby. Standing straight to get all the verbal threat because he knew what hell is going to unleash right that time.

Strange, but true she asked him whether he is going home for Bihu Holiday, which is for seven days. One of the longest holiday he and his friends will get in all their medical career except if it’s not after the MB exam. At least he thought he could answer this one, like a brief five marks question he gave his answer: the reasons this and that, here and there and so on..

Eventually the class gets over, phew! What a relieve. His friend offers a coffee and with some friends they discuss their plans for the holiday. Does he ever have one; other than watching movies, Navy Seals bud training documentaries, Facebook, blogging and a little bit of practical writing which must be submitted after the holiday?

He went straight to his room, power on his laptop, went for a bath. His wall-mate packs his clothes for home, the other gets ready for Shillong to see some bitches as he claims and here he is ready to take a bath, this is heaven and hell difference he thought. Staying in the hostel has been never something he likes even with his friends, but now he has to stay with some 10-15 friends only. He thought, this is really going to be hell week not exactly like the Navy Seals, bud training/hell week, but a medical student’s hell week.

In front of the hostels there are already some auto-rickshaws waiting for the student to drop them to the train stations some to the bus stations, and some boys frantically searching for the same and if they did find, jumped right in, never to be seen for one long week.

By dawn most of the boys left, he is all alone to make matters worse the light went off and it’s hot with the same bloodsuckers buzzing around him. The homesickness started kicking-in. In all honesty, the cause of his homesickness is completely unknown. It hovers like the thickness of this humid summer night; He tries hard to kick back, but to no avail, he just can’t shake the damn thing away. No matter how much he turns a blind eye or attempt to think positive thoughts, it stays sitting and poking him with reminders that he is not where he wants to be.

The hostel looks deserted, he feels neglected, he misses home, his friends, he wishes he could go home but some part in him don’t because the electricity there sucks big time, no proper internet connection/network coupled with certain promises he made he thought it’s sweeter here than go break promises. Promises? You know it? Then keep it low!

Life out here is raw. Sick and tired of his life already but he compares is life before here and there, he feels blessed. At least one whole week of do whatever you want awaits him. If you know what he means.

He shuts his laptop lid, closing his unsleepable eyes, his mind drifting from Jorhat to Gauhati; Gauhati to Sielmat and back. He wants to break free. Why the hell does he end up here? Why was he even born? For what? For whom? Argh!

He still can’t sleep, plug-in his headphone blasting in full volume al the mp3s from his phone, but sleep is still so far way, he sits on his chair and its 4:26 in the morning typing this article. Knowing that there are millions of blogs out there and not knowing who will ever read this. Tomorrow is Sunday and the whole week is a holiday. But what the next week will bring he dares not think about it. But he will continue sailing till he reach the coast, till the end, he will never quit because he is what he is and he knows the Almighty helps him.

The ‘HE’ here is me!

(Jorhat 14th Sunday, 2013)

[I suggest you read ‘LIFE: Medical Student’ (here) to understand this post better 😀 ]

4 thoughts on “LIFE: Medical Student – II

    • Henry Lk – Ka lawm ie..dek thei khawm ning atim aw..ei hung bei ve ani hi tie ei tawnhriet hai..i blog ngai naw ema ni hi tie nang awmthusuok nei tha lem 😀

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