Life in a fishbowl


Life in a fishbowl or Living in a fishbowl could mean two things and I think it depends on how we want to relate it to our lives.

It’s like living inside a box- not taking any risks, not doing anything exciting and not taking any chances. From the point of view of a fish: watching others live their life and have fun, while you don’t. And, maybe feeling like you can’t do anything with people watching and judging your move.

On the contrary, it could mean living your life on display for everyone to see. Like how everyone can see what the fish is doing in its home from the outside. It doesn’t mean sheltered or boring, just front-page news so to speak, or constantly under scrutiny by the press or others.

To understand more to it, I would like to bring back class X physics theory on how light propagation through different medium causes different interesting phenomenon and its application to our lives here in my blog. If you happen to notice as you may always, but don’t give a thought about it because your mind is dull a finger dipped in a water looks bent or a stick bends when view from outside a cup/bucket of clean water. What causes the stick or the fingers to look bend? Why doesn’t it look or appear straight?

What if you are a fish or a diver in water looking at the outside world, what will the view be like? Will the outside world seems to bend? As a science student, I can with certain stages of certainty a fish picks up everything outside floating in air. Not exactly floating, but they seem to look raise or compress.

This interesting effect occurs when light attempts to move from a medium having a given refractive index (The ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium) to a medium having a lower refractive index. When light propagates (travels) from one medium into another, it’s speed changes, which causes the light to reflect and refract at the boundary (surface of the water).

As light travels from water to air, it will turn away from the perpendicular to the surface. When the incident angle is greater than 48 degrees, all the light is reflected back into the water (total internal reflection). But when the angle of incident is lesser than 48 degrees or nearer to the perpendicular (look straight up) the outside world seems to raise that makes a stick or finger dipped in water looks bent.

As your pet goldfish in the aquarium looks up, it will see a reflected view of the sides and bottom of the aquarium beyond the 48 degree angle, while directly above, it sees a compressed view of the outside world. The refraction of visible radiation is responsible for many illusions: The shape of a thing you see under the water surface is different from what it actually is. A submerged object appears to be nearer (bend) to the surface than it really is.

Since that is not about rocket science I hope it’s easy enough to understand and grab at least some ideas of what I want to write. Remember I am not a good writer and my grammar is not always correct. But I know you always read my every blog-post. Muhahaaa

I had a really nice childhood. Sure, everyone has their bumps and scrapes, but that’s to be expected. No one is bulletproof, after all. Growing up as far back as I can remember, I’ve carried a constant impression of myself living inside a bowl. While the feeling has manifested itself differently over the years, it’s always there. That gnawing discomfort that sits at the foot of your belly, tugging at your heartstrings with no mercy. In a society like ours where only the rich favor the rich, there is if you are like me will feel left all alone in a darken corner, watching happy rich people happily moving around you and not giving a damn about you. Sure, it’s not something to enjoy about.

From inside the bowl:
The other night I was talking with a friend about how we want to spend our lives. He began, “I will never ever only favor the rich if I am rich.” I was suddenly enlightened. Why on earth do rich people only favor the rich and not the poor? I’m honestly still trying to figure that out. A young woman from a rich family marry a guy from a rich family, the opposite of it: marriage between a rich family and a poor family and vice versa is something inconceivable. Better call it Mission Impossible. At least there are some, but that happens if either the guy or the girl has some sort of investment or I don’t know maybe if they happen to be future rich (??). It depends on power, money and wealth. This is the society we live in and it’s disgusting.

If you look closer, a child from a rich family will not have a friend from a poor family. Because it’s not just the way that life energy flows. Strange, but true a girl from a rich family like to have a friend from a poor house just to express how superior her dress and looks is. But surprisingly true rich family usually has an ugly daughter. Guys we usually don’t care about each other as long as our friendship is not based on how poor or rich we might be.

Is it a kind of envy? I don’t have any particular desire to be very, very rich myself, especially if it means attaining such wealth the way so many other people have.

Is it simple jealousy? I don’t particularly like the fact that there are so few rich people when there are so many more poor people who don’t have what they have, but I don’t really resent them for that reason alone.

What is it then? Could it just be the fact that to become rich it means stepping on so many other people below you in order to get ahead? In effect, exploiting people in order to attain for oneself a vastness of resources that you in effect deny everyone else? Even this wouldn’t be so bad if the rich didn’t bitch about the fact that a portion (or even half) of their ill-gotten wealth gets taxed back by the people that the government is supposed to represent!

As the theory of total internal reflection of light stated, if we look at all the rich people how happy and rich they are we will come to the conclusion that we are what we are: poor and destined to be oppressed (due to increase angle of view).

From the eye of poor everything about others seem to be the best of the best and I hate being in a bowl all most all my life. But if we look life straight (due to small/little angle of view) and take the challenge it lies for us and not deviating it from its pleasure and stick to our goal, we will not be reflected back to the thought of us being destined to be poor, but rise out and shine.

From outside the bowl:
How the hell would I know? Ask the rich!!
As of today, the law of the land seems to be, “Talk if you are rich and shut your mouth if you are poor.” I don’t know, maybe what I think is wrong, or I need some help from a psychiatrist to understand this.

And you get angry because of this post? So you think you are rich? Sorry pal, you are MINORITY!!

(Jorhat, 25th May, 2013)

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