You’re HOT.. I’m taking off all my clothes!

i_hate_summer_by_pandakunstudios-d5lc7mo“I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off”- Nelly (Hot in here)

I hate you and I don’t like you being with me because you’re way too spicy hot for me. I’m not lying or joking. You just make me feel closed in and unable to breathe. I sweat a ton and that makes me feel super dirty. When you are around I can’t think of better things than to take all my clothes off because you are too damn HOT. I can’t keep calm handling the situation calm, cool, and collected, I go nuts, and sometimes make the situation worse. You know why because you are hot. Take me to the beach or to pool, and I will get in the water and stare at you like a tiger.

Yeah, I hate it! I hate you SUMMER!!

I get drowsy, annoyed, sweaty, I blotch, I burn, allergies, insects, overly-humid weather not to mention sunburn when my skin is so pale it’s practically transparent. My pale skin and cold-weather skin just does not like the sun. I have vampire vision: sun hurts my eyes, it’s too warm for coffee, I get migraines, I can’t study and if I did I can’t concentrate to it with summer flies visiting me from every corner of the room. Sleep at night is just another imagination I wish I have and it’s far far away. Waking up in the morning is another challenge, the classroom is hot and classes are boring. The Saree the female teachers wore every day and the very dark brown skin coupled with the natural God given body-odours and smell of their hair make everything too hard to handle. Does anyone else feel like this?

I live in Jorhat, Assam so the heat combined with humidity makes for some miserable, gross, sticky days. I have some friends who posted in their Facebook status their love for summer seasons which meant to be fun and carefree. First of all, where I live at the moment is way too HOT! Between the hours of 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening you cannot even go outside without immediately breaking a sweat. How is this enjoyable? Trust me it’s not and with days where the temperature rises to over forty it’s even worse.

I know that part of the reason why I no longer like summer is because I’m not in school anymore. When I was a little boy, I was always so eager for summer to finally come, so that I didn’t have to go to school anymore, but now I am woefully uncomfortable from April until October: the summer seasons. Getting minimum of 80precent class attendance is a must if I’m sitting in the exams, with the warmth and sometimes no proper electricity which causes many sleepless nights, waking up at 7:30 in the morning is really another demon to beat up. Being a medical student even though I don’t have a smart brain and don’t look as smart as they think I am I need at least look smart with my uniform and apron. Oh! With this white piece of blanket I look foolish and shit wearing this from morning to evening 6-7 hours straight. Another layer of summer we called it. They said anything that is white reflects light, but that is not always true unless you are wearing a mirror, this thing is also a good heat absorber of sun rays just like a black cloth is. Damn I hate wearing this in the summer it doesn’t make me look like a doc (as I’m not), but a fool!!

I prefer winter, when the leaves start to change colors and when the air becomes crisper, drinking hot tea, snuggling up on the bed under a nice fluffy blanket in a big sweater, with the room heater on and the soft glow of the lights makes everyone look happy. Looking up at the sky as it glows light purple. It is as it is one of the most perfect moments in human life because everything is calm and comfortable as sleep comes easily which in summer is the exact the opposite.

I hate everything about summer unless if it’s not hot, days are long and nights are short which for a nocturnal guy like me is one big problem. Less time to sleep and long hours for torture in class. Warm weather makes me moody, angry, frustrated and I get easily irritated. Summer has this mystical Witchy vibe to it. It makes me go nuts 404 ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! When I’m super-hot, I allow my body to shut down, my attitude to change from the hot weather which takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges my mind and body to endure different conditions than it’s used to. I disappear into the comfort of my hostel room with the fan set at maximum and drift away.

Inevitably, every summer, the first sign of frustration and the ushering in of my least favorite season has been the never ending search for clothing that will both be comfortable and cool. Since I can’t afford the newest fashion choices that come out in April for summer months. So I’m left, sweaty and uncomfortable, wandering and searching for my old kept away short and tee shirts in some corner of my closet.

Tell me how you handle it. Tell me your tricks if you have one on how to stay cool and dry and comfortable when the mercury hits anything more than 40. I’m begging you. If you don’t I am taking all my clothes off!!

(Jorhat, 1st June, 2013)

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