The things that should not be

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It’s approaching the end of another half a month. What a month it’s been: the exams, the not like the IJASSDIE previous blog posts of not so many blog posts, Jonathan gets stuck to study for his semester exam and possibly the most non stylish monkey to ever walk this planet shopping for his summer dress. But, alas, there has been some things that have really got under my skin (dip-dye anyone?). So, to fuel my angst and irritability, I have made a list of them. There were probably more than 20, but I didn’t want to upset myself even more. Feel free if you ever have one to add to the list below or in the comment box.

Every time I am in the shower or the moment I shut my laptop for the night some good lines would pop out of nowhere. But it usually is already too late to write/type it down because the time during I am searching for my pen or on my laptop that good things fly out of this 30 nearing unmarried, but still a student to be for 2-3 more years brain. This is something that should not be!

Here is the list of some of ‘the things that should not be’

10. Exams:

examsTruth be told, I do suck at exams, so I hate the idea of an exam, both preparing and writing something in exams which I know is not the exact answer, but continue writing just because I simply want to turn my page after all my friends did it. I wish there are better and more accurate ways of judging learners.

Ideally, exam questions ought to be like concept questions, right? To check the understanding of the student. But, don’t you get the impression that some of the questions were rather “tricky”? Like they are meant to “catch you out”?

9. The sound of an alarm

31637501 copyThat Monday morning you are not going to class because you don’t have first class, but your roommate does. It’s 7:30 in the morning and you are sleeping peacefully and like someone rip the living guts out of you something suddenly wakes you..

Damn it’s your roommate’s alarm pissing all over your ears, but he is still sleeping. If you also have to go to class, then it’s all fair and good, but you are not and you don’t have the energy to go to his bed and off the damn thing because if you do he is not going to class and that is bad. That terrible- grisly- awful- dire- frightful- dreadful and horrendous sound of it he does not know, but you know everything, “Dil mein mere hai Dard-E-disco, Dard-E-disco, Dard-E-discooooo.” Having a roommate like one of these does make your intended Monday morning 5 star hotel bedroom sleeping mode into a living hell.

8. Stagnant blog

new lemIf I say I bookmark ever blog I see, I might be lying, but if I say I bookmark ever blog I read and give a comment, then I am not lying. I consider myself a reader and never for once a writer, but lately I have written so many blog posts. I like reading blogs more than anything especially more than this damn boring nearly 2kg books which waste a lot of natural resources: trees.

I like reading blogs written in English, Mizo or Hmar owned by one of those descendants of a short nose (tribal hnar tawi) Mongolian like me. I don’t care their contents, their type of interest: be it fashion, love-relationship, tradition, personal life, cultural or politics I just hit the bookmark tab! And, visit for like after a week or so to see new updates. It’s interesting to see new blog post because writing honestly anything that happen to a person is way better than reading a copied Facebook status!

What is way more sadden to see more than the death of Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson and ‘soon to be’ the dead of Justin Bieber is a blogger who stops blogging. You do everything popular bloggers tell you to do, but it doesn’t work, and so you feel like, “What’s the point?” Obviously, you’re doing something wrong, but you have no idea what it is. And, so you quit? So in a fit of rage, you just kind of walked away. You stopped posting, letting your blog go stale. The best way I know to describe this type of bloggers is it was a kind of “learned helplessness.” Recently, I had to force stop myself from following these blogs I had the longest relationship with it wasn’t anything dramatic, but it’s saddens me.

7. My obsession with blogging

bgbgMy sister once asked me when I will stop blogging and act like a normal adult who sleeps or watch movies in his leisure time or instead of all that why not study just like I love blogging.

All day, I have been wondering, what would I do if I couldn’t blog anymore? Would I miss it? You bet ya! I have so many other interests, my days would still be just as full. I call my blog a “reality show” I love sharing my life in this way with others. I guess I like to entertain with my words and silly ideas. I’m a student, and thanks to my android phone, Facebook, twitter and Instagram, I’m now some kind of blogger and a photojournalist, journaling my life.

It’s unfortunate that only another blogger can really understand why I like sharing my every move by writing honestly about it, Facebooking and sharing. But I’ve never really thought about the future of my blog because I don’t have to. I don’t intend to stop blogging as of right now. Study? Yeah! I need to study day in and day out if I want to finish this than stuck in this jail for more than I anticipated. Who wants to study when he has a blog to update? What about my ophthalmology exam tomorrow? Damn!!

6. Marina Ann Hantiz a.k.a. Sasha Grey

sashaOh God, you are indeed a genius. I can’t find words good enough to express how beautiful she is with my limited vocabulary.

I hope you know who she is: A bad girl turned GOOD. She not only portraits like someone who made their living through adult industries, but does in fact in her own life. She worked in the porn industry for three years she made over 150 films and even got porn’s ‘Grammy’ AVN Award which is no small honor. And, though she doesn’t stand very tall or weight very much she is widely regarded the biggest porn star in the word. So having just recently turned 25 with her first mainstream movie ‘The girlfriend experience’ She’s the exact replica of the type of girl I like. I don’t mean the porn part, but the other side of it, beautiful, nice figure oops! This is the real deal! This girl is the only living angel in this god’s cruel kingdom.

I don’t think I really need to say anything about this. How could someone so beautiful like this joins a porn industry?

5. Everybody calling their girlfriend/boyfriend ‘Duat’, ‘Tawi/Toi’, ‘Buong/Buang(a)’, ‘Naute’ blah blah..

561084_486993177979775_1135548735_n copyFor the love of sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph can somebody please tell me why it occurred to lovers to give each other a new name? Is this some sort of pet name? Lovers-name? I hate this shit! Not because I don’t have someone to call me, even if I do I would not let anybody call me.

My family calls me ‘TAWIA’ even my younger brother calls me u Tawia, which is similar to calling somebody u SANG. When I hear somebody calling someone ‘Tawi’ I have this inner urge to go confront him/her and kick the daylight out of him/her. But that’s not the way it is I know. What I want you guys who are in a relationship to follow in this regard is instead of giving some silly lovers-name better call them by their name. That’s the best! Why?

Do you still call her with the same name you called her when she gave you that rose when you fight? Will you still call her even if you break-up? Imagine yourself in a scene in the future after you breakup with her, you see her with her husband, try calling her buang /toi / naute/mate/hmelṭha-te blah blah.. What will be the reaction of her husband. He will surely send your wrinkle tribal ass back in the past, so past that your next door is a family of Cro-Magnon man. By the way, Buang or Buanga is a Youtube sensation among the tribal (Mizo & Hmar speaking). Call me Buanga I will stick my thing right up you’re sorry ass!

4. Flirting

imagesIt was 2010 in Gauhati, I can clearly remember the day, how it was like, the humidity, the temperature and so on and so on the day I chat with one cute girl in Facebook. That time I was in a relationship with a girl for 5 years already. Not because I suddenly dislike my girlfriend (not my girlfriend now) I was trying to flirt as most of my friends, or should I say I try to master the art of flirting. We started to have some sort of bonding, I was so obsessed about her, not knowing whether my girlfriend would find out, I was randomly posting some love quote on Facebook, Haire-hai I was caught!

It was a lesson learnt! Lately I have been thinking this, why on earth do girls talk nice and at their best try to act sweet to all guys who approach them? Is this some sort of girl-girl competition among themselves? Who has the most Inbox unread messages or the most proposals? Girls don’t approach guys, it’s us the guys who approach you people, so why do as an obligation talk nice to us just to give us false hope making us think that you XX chromosome would accept it and love us if we ask you out on a date and propose you?

So if you are not going to accept our proposal, then why the hell do you not stop talking before we even start! Maybe when we ask your phone number you could have given us a reason to believe that you are not interested in us. Damn all these beautiful girls!! Women women.. Puzzle puzzle!

3. You don’t need space we need to break up!

23307476Have you ever heard the word, “I need some space, you are all over me” from you girlfriend fellas? If you don’t someday you will don’t worry that train is never late.

The first sign of derailing a relationship is “I need space.” Already heard of it, but never giving a thought about it dude? Brace yourself she sure is going to dump you. These few words are the words that mean she doesn’t want you to be the man in her life any more. Since you have been so good to her the only things she can complain about it is she needed that space, the space you are occupying to vacate it for her new man.

I am not saying you should control her every move or tie a leash on her neck, all I’m saying is give her some free zone to express or show herself off. Don’t try to know everything, about her, the dress she wore that night she went to her friend’s birthday party, the person she chat with on Facebook, or her Facebook password. Let her have some male friends too, allow her to go out with her friends, let her enjoy. What is the harm in letting the one you love enjoy than keeping her in constant monitoring as if you are her father or some shit! Make her feel loved, special and believe her that she is faithful eventually that type of girl unless she is a whore will love you more deeply and want the rest of her life with you, but never act macho, I know girls don’t like it.

If she is really asking you for that space she claims she has worth it. Give it all to her and never for once in your pathetic life turn back to her, but if you must do kill her!

2. So far away from me

miles awayHave you ever felt that sudden urge and longing for home? Like you have a sudden craving for something to eat in the middle of the night. To meet up with friends, the sudden urges to see friends. Or just to hear the voice of someone you love wholeheartedly.

It’s like I’m getting young again mentally, I have all these sorts of wanting to do something impossible or am I getting very old as an old man like a child? Both are possible and I honestly don’t know to which stage I belong. I miss my parents who alone are staying at home, my sisters, brother and friends. But I know I am here and they are there a vast ocean of land which separates me and the one I love. I don’t seriously miss my pass life, I have passed that stage of life where everything was, but grey. And, I have no intention of missing that ugly stage of romancing with the wrong girl. And, I seriously don’t. Rather, I consider I am the new man in the relationship.

I know how missing them all is something I should never do, but I can’t help myself from this. I am nearing my 30s and about to graduate as a medical doctor. I can’t ‘BIG-UP’ myself when the slightest thought of home and friends from somewhere around the corner creeps inside me! Boo-hoo!!

1. No one, but you


Hey girl you ain’t no Jesus or my father. Why the hell are you always in my mind? Go get the fuck out of here and let me get something to eat, something to read and write about!

You know I like you and most of all I love you truly, madly and deeply, but give me some space (do I just say that?) You are the one and only in my life.. Wait up a very, very distant second is a Ferrari! Okay going on I choose none, but you. I will walk through hell to get to you.

This is not the end. There is something far more exciting than this. It is going into the realm of the unknown, to see what can be known. But I have to stop thinking about you. I have to focus on the future, what good will it be if I can’t give you what you need at that time than now obsessing about you and thinking about you till I go mad.

I’m sorry if this hurts because it is one of the things that should not be!

(Jorhat, 14th June, 2013)

4 thoughts on “The things that should not be

  1. Hahaha good one made laugh. I too am not ashamed to say that i do spend a lot of time reading blogs. Although i do enjoy reading english blogs more as my mizo reading skills are not too good. I can relate quite a bit to your list. It was distance the killed my last relationship or was it the cheating? hmmm….. she said she needed space and she’s takes a 4 year long space lol. Sasha Grey…what more can i say that you havent already said 🙂 although Sky Lopez is still my all time fave (By the way she quit the industry and is now a born again christian). Although i dont have exams to worry about i still hate the sound of my alarm!

    • Thanks u Zakk for commenting on my blog 😀
      I started reading blogs quite a long time ago, I used to read Pa John’s (RamblingRuolngul), his brother’s, u Kima’s Blog (Mizohicans) and some more, but now there are so many to read and I never miss your updates.. I think writing a blog is the best way to express oneself..

      I once had a girlfriend for 8 straight years, plan to marry her.. Made a lot of future plans, but all of those are now down the drain when she started to need space (Actually her parents don’t like a medical student who studied in Assam, because after I finish my MBBS course they thought i will be staying in Assam the rest of my life. Do i plan to stay in Assam for the rest of my life? Hell no!! We broke up after I studied for three years and only then they told her they don’t like a guy who is studying in Assam, funny isn’t it?) ha-ha

      Btw I link your blog in “Worth visiting site/blogs” here in my blog..

      Bieng a student sucks! That’s the whole truth!! Do you know the reason i really like Sasha Grey? There is this girl I like who looks like Sasha Grey.. Jessie Andrews is also a new hot sensation, nice and young.. lol

      Thanks again for leaving a comment 😀

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  3. I enjoy the exams and the alarm sections specially; reminds me of my days, hah. To go on collecting from invigilators extra sheets in the exam hall so as to give the ‘covetous’ impression that you too are writing pages and pages like few others. And this ‘few others’ definitely includes those few hopeful learners of the class. And this practice is pretty not bad as far as it gets justified by the Report Card……..hahaha. Oh, that alarm section of the blog! Yap, it’s irritating and vexatious so much specially so if the day happens to be ya OFF day and, ON day for the alarm setter. There is no recorded history that narrates the story of a physical fight between men caused by alarm call: this absence of recorded history, I believe, is the determining factor that holds back our nerves from initiating the fight to break the record. So, we actually are compelled to swallow the frustration in abject silence….hihi. Interesting write-up….(y)

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