SURA Creative


“You will never guess what website I saw this morning!” I told my friend.

I could barely contain my excitement.

“Which one?” He inquired, genuinely curious.

Sure Creative

Silence. “What?”

I was shocked. “You’ve never heard of Sura Creative?”

He said he knows who Sura is, but he doesn’t recall Sura to be that creative to have launched a website of his own and imagining Sura to be creative well that escalated so damn rapidly he added.

A guy like us born in the late 80s not knowing the real character/nature of Sura has either got some serious personal issues with Sura or not all his dogs are barking. So, I did some research on Pu Sura on some of his tales (here). As I have always known him, he is as he was and will forever be known as a nincompoop, but I was still skeptical about it, why Sura Creative? At least maybe he has some ingenuity I am not aware of and maybe these guys know it. So to get to the bottom of things I talked with one of the team members, The Guru: Simon HrangateIllustrator & Graphic Designer. Who happened to be my friend, my student in Sielmat Christian Higher School while I was a laboratory assistant in chemistry department.

Sura is a household name to us all, us meaning: Hmar, Mizo, Kuki, Paite etc etc. To be called Sura is something not to be very proud of basically it means a fool, a person with low IQ or someone without a brain (?). And to know Sura means to know how foolish and how unimaginative he is, but all the while why these young creative gentlemen want their site and to be called themselves to be known as Sura Creative is something I can’t gulped. In the end something struck me like the blinding light that stuck Saul and his companions on the road to Damascus. I realized how creative and good are his imagination maybe these guys are trying to dig out that creativity to the new generation and show it, maybe they are trying to rewrite our history(?)

So far as I know the site is designed on Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 & CSS3 framework. I don’t know many details of it, but from what I read on the internet this platform is a good way to kick start the development of webapps and sites. Good way to impress clients and visitors while using a single, rock-solid foundation.

Even though the site was built recently it has already the looks of a professional as the team members are, sharp and quite simple to get to grips with and easy to use. The hyperlinks as of now is not yet working as it is still on the drawing board, but the pages are quick to load which makes for a stable website that works to its advantage as users are likely to return.

There is one main horizontal navigation bar at the top right of the page which makes the website simple to use. It reads left to right which is natural, logical and easy to follow.

The layout is simple but effective, in the background there are pandas holding proudly the hyperlinks of the things they mastered and a consistent color theme that matches the logo which looks professional and does not distract from the content. The main site logo and navigation bar constantly stays at the top of the page when navigating around the site which makes the website consistent.

The homepage is divided into columns: Services, Portfolio, the Team ‘Meet the team’ and the Contact form.

I know from my little experience website building is about combining the business goals of the company with the user goals – these two things aren’t the same. They complement one another, sure. But ultimately we need to work out what the company wants a user to do as a result of visiting their site, and build from there. Within a few minute of stay one can easily understand the objectives of the site. The contents are relevant, changing, up to date and interactive.

Their Header Text clearly states their confidence: “We don’t simply create a creative design, we master it. We craft beautiful designs and convert them into Reality. We have the creativity, so we outsource.”  

So these are the services:
Business & Company Logo
Custom Design Packages
Print Design
Print/Web Ad Designs
Illustration / Cartooning
Social Site Marketing
Multimedia / Presentation

And here are some of their works and products:

483849_354565051309987_508206498_n 1011946_383060175127141_89430246_n 9068_384622961637529_1833679891_n 560228_355413804558445_393390914_n 560228_355413811225111_296709466_n 379625_372416959524796_19118638_n 199169_347125878720571_596025760_n 556771_346852438747915_336643873_n 1016313_385227974910361_533910324_n 1013432_384925571607268_1857870020_n 1003816_384899578276534_2000462125_n 580203_384897871610038_2138359798_n 560228_355413814558444_450663617_n

Visit their Official Site: and Facebook Page: SURA Creative Design


Eager young minds patrolling the graphic world with their own expertise, skills, knowledge and experience to dominate the graphic world. Support and do whatever it is you can do to help them gentlemen.

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