4 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Hahahaha…What a Funny read it is…but the last lesson in indeed worth the read and Coming to Indian Army actually we are living in lots of fear and Chinese Guys are just busy making Technological Advancement..
    And Dr. Saab take it easy…Retards are gonna Bark,you don’t need to use you sew their mouth at least that is the only thing that earns them a living.. 😉

    • Yes there is lot of apprehension here too some years back when the tension between China and India was fragile.. As of now it is I think it is better, but what willl Chinese govt. think of us? Will they laught at our back.. thats the point 😉

      Yeah there are a lot of retarts who need to elevate their intellect with the newer version of it.. This type of people.. God made them.. that I think is the easiest way to take it 😀

      Harsha bro 🙂 Thank You once again for the LIKE and Comment..

      • My Pleasure is all Mine Bro.. 🙂
        And Now Chinese Govt. will just try fix it by sending Spy Planes to our territory and this time we will think it as a Planet and leave it on its own..That’s the plan..I mean Master-plan of Chinese Govt…. 😛

  2. That was what i was thinking.. the probability of it is very high. They will see all our nuclear installation sites, missile sites, airport etc etc all the while we sleep in peace, then they will take all our land and we be under Communist rule..hoho.. i wish that will not happen..but the probability is still very high 🙂

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