LIFE: Medical Student IV (Batch Reunion)


Life out here is raw, but we will never stop. We will never quit – Metallica (Whiplash)

Inside our giant college cafeteria, batchmates buzzed in a convivial frenzy over snacks and drinks (of course soft drinks). A friend leaned in, drinks in hand, and whispered in my ear, “Are you guys enjoying” I replied “Yeah, we are” I am a bit tired, but I’m not going to lie. So what if it’s not even 10:00 PM and it’s a Saturday night and tomorrow is Sunday and it’s holiday. The college ’batch of 2010’ grand reunion was just finished and as I promised my friends that I will blog about the reunion so here I am in the middle of the night in this hot humid summer night not sleeping, but blogging. Now this would otherwise be an unremarkable thing for me if I had not had this insomnia for quiet sometimes and me a medical student and a blogger all at the same time.

Having never attended any college reunions, I really had no idea what to expect. We all are on the same campus, all boys in the boys’ hostel and girls in girls’ hostel, seeing each other in classes and clinics every day what good will it bring to this batch reunion unless if we had finished our five long courses of digging to the bottom of the guts of medical science?





I was seriously skeptical at the beginning because I suspected that college batch reunion would be similar as they are in some college reunions which usually are the messiest, sloppy make-out sessions on the dance floor. Drunken walk home in the wee hours of the morning, barefoot. Plenty of gossiping at brunch the next day. But I was WRONG! No one was drunk! Who would get drunk if by drinking gallons of fruit juice? They all dance well to the beat except me again because I could not party dance! That usually is the sad part. During DJ night last college week the same thing had happened to me because I may be a bad dancer whenever I danced Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan style of (Kung-fu) dance pop up in my dance which as I recalled seems to frighten the girls. Maybe I will try my best next time not to let that happen!

while ever one dance to the beat...



Here I am.. See?

Me dancing

Me dancing

Every minute has been just totally fun, there were lots of performance, I with a friend performed Marry You by Bruno Mars and ends with unbelievable applause. It felt really great, because the previous performance during college week really sucks. I don’t want to name names I hope they know themselves. There was this couple dance for the couples by the way, which was interesting. Some sort of stage batchmate rag (It was given a name, but I could not remember what it was called, sorry). All the while snacks and drinks were served. So, as usual I am stuffed. 







Looking back three years we were all unknown to each other. Not knowing who will be our buddies someone who will give your attendance in our absence or tell you answer during exams in spite of the never ending fear of the professors. Everyone, in short, seemed to be a better version of themselves. Everyone commented on something: everyone was so nice. That’s one advantage of being older than the three years ago ‘us’– people tend to have better manners and behave in a more friendly way, even if we barely talk with each other in the class and they seem to be less high-strung, generally. And, that really does change the atmosphere.




What was I doing? Maybe whatsApp 😛






On a less lofty note, I was happy to see that the girl on whom I once had unrequited crush is still looking beautiful and seems happy with her life. Now that I have (sort of, as of this moment) the best girl in the whole world, and so don’t care about the unrequitedness of said crushes, it was just fun to catch up.

You might be wondering why these medical students have not even a college reunion, but a batch reunion when they all are locked up in the same campus or when everyone is on Facebook? Let me tell you this: From day one of class, mark scores has been an unstoppable form of rivalry/revolution, but instead of tearing us apart being a batchmate unites us. Being first batch of this prestigious college makes us one, but it’s taking more than three years to really unite each and every one of us even better. We are so in love with each other it’s ‘sickening’ (hehe). Our new found love for life and each other is just unfathomable. I never thought we could have gone up to this place. As the years go by ever more quickly, taking time to revisit our old memories remind us of how lucky we were for our connection to each other here at Jorhat Medical college.


Back to my room, after collecting all the pictures from friends to post in my blog and to save some for the future kids. In the mirror I noticed what looked like—and I am not kidding here—a hickey on my neck. Now, I had demonstrated surprising moderation in the reunion, so I’m sure I would have recalled being on the receiving end of a hickey (LOL). Admittedly, my mind is starting to slip.

I licked my finger and rubbed the spot. Licked again. It was nothing but the ketchup on the chicken.

(Jorhat, 17th August, 2013)

*I forgot to gel my hair.. I look so stupid without my hair gel.. Anyway I look like a human 🙂
*All Pictures credited to: Halim, Darpan, Harsh & Ashutosh

3 thoughts on “LIFE: Medical Student IV (Batch Reunion)

  1. It was really a great evening for me and hope for all of us. Great because we can see the love,unity among all of us,which i once thought that it is decreasing..Thanks jonathan for writing such a lovely blog and thanks that i could see clearly myself after a long time..

    • Thanks Mohibul for visiting and leaving a comment in my blog.. It was indeed one good evening after all the hectic and class works with all of us have one good and stronger bonding . And you did performed well 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

  2. hey! this may sound a little out of place, but our aipmt counselling is going on right now, and i was thinking of applying to jorhat medical college. How is the environment there? Is there any discrimination for people who are out of place?
    I belong to Delhi.

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