God they are back.. Help Me!

Sky at Sunset

“I want you dead if you are human”- Unknown

I thought this was it! They are for real gone, what a relief! Now I can sleep anytime I want at night in peace and have nothing to distract my mind during classes. I am finally happy after for almost five months of sleepless nights, I am finally sleeping like a baby again. The clinic is just great, where every patient seems more alive, healthier and happy. It seems for this year they are going to never return to curse me sleep at night and my cool during the day.

But God they are back! Who is back? Summer! It seems like I am nearer to the sun than anyone else. It is so freaking hot! I have hated this season. There is nothing enjoyable about it. The days last forever. The sun burns my skin.  The plants shrivel up and die. Tempers are short and bodies are worn from the oppressiveness of it all.

I wish I can shake their hand, every last one of them sun rays and spank their ass back to the place they come from. For two whole weeks the temperature here dropped below 31 degrees (Which is still hot, but bearable) in the mercury. Previously before they are short gone the temperature here was between 36-40 degrees which was unbearable and to be alive during those times was like surviving a nuclear holocaust.

You might be thinking, “Eh! 31 degrees now that’s not hot, that’s just great.” Yes, it’s not hot if you are staying inside, when you don’t have to move around places, when you can shower anytime you want. But it is hot if you have to wear an apron over your uniform which includes a shirt, a pant, socks and a shoe. It is hotter if you have to move and see the patient bed to bed (medical student do too), walk around the wards, talk to the patients, sit in a room crowded by over 90 students with the AC barely working and be there from 8: AM to 4:00PM. It feels like I’ve been injected with a massive dose of HEAT. Like I’ve pounded a grande quad-shot of I FEEL SO HEAVY AND WEARY.

Of all the Summers I have gone and go through ..


I can’t help it, but there are a lot of annoying things about summer. I have to sleep with my windows open. That alone is no reason to hate summer, but an army of insects invading my room, drinking my blood. There are friends sitting outside till four in the morning, oblivious to people trying to sleep. They keep me company during those sleepless nights when the electricity system can’t even handle the heat and shut itself down, but I wish I could close the window without ending up cooked. I hate even more the hot sticky nights when you can’t sleep and you’re constantly having showers to cool down. For some, summer seems to be full of enjoyment and fun, but with my conditions and work load I think I should be wearing a T-shirt that says, REALLY? This is supposed to be fun? Summer? This heat? Are you kidding?

I just wish to never see “Summer” ever again for this year. People tend to get more irrational, insane and more evil with and when we are at it, and are in it as well. They get out of hand and that in fact is always annoying!

I Be glad when October comes, if I can see it with more Peaceful!  And start seeing less clear sky’s. Obviously old Stories can be forgotten, and so I have to make my next year update to saying all of this again. For all you people who pray for summer to never end..  Well, thank God, it does end without your prayers.

I really do not like the sun.. Give me winter any day!

(Jorhat, 20th August, 2013)

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13 thoughts on “God they are back.. Help Me!

  1. Lol..You hate summer so much…. 😛
    BTW I guess you should send some special request to the Sun God to show some mercy on you or else how will you cope with it… 😛

    • Seriously Harsha I would do.. I mean I am ready to do whatever it is I can to get this summer season go..
      Maybe that seems a good idea to ask the Sun God to show some tiny bit of mercy a to guy like me lol 😛

    • In many ways hills are one good place to live a life.. but it is also hot during summer 🙂 I do believe in changes, but not a big fan of weather changes.. summer its fine if I don’t have to go to class and stay in my room and no be in college and clinics coz it hot like hell out here..
      Thanks My Say for visiting and commenting on my blog 🙂 It makes me feel good

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