ijassdie is One Year old! (First Anniversary)


“I write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect!!”- Anaïs Nin

I am mind blown, speechless, excited, thankful, impressed, touched, but mostly completely thrilled by the fact that today is my one year Blogoversary. Happy Birthday to my hobby baby – ijassdie turns one today!! I am so happy and so excited!!

When I look back one year, it has been lots and lots of learning and lots of new people interactions. Did I ever expect to survive a year? Of course not! What happened in one year? A lot, I tell you. I wrote 56 posts and got 321 comments. I gained 63 blog followers, 100 blog post LIKES (which compared to most of the blogs I followed is very less) and 355 Facebook Page followers/LIKES. The blog got 9903 page views (stats). My blog is ‘Featured on Freshly Pressed’ (which is no less honour for WordPress bloggers) and also ‘I’m part of Post A Week 2013’ and proud member of: ‘Blogaholic Social Network’, ‘IndiMedic (IndiBlogger)’, ‘I Blog Naked’, ‘Blogger For Peace’, ‘Doctor’s HangOut and some more with blog badge and some without.

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Many friends asked as to why I use IJASSDIE as the site title and not something else? Something the whole family can understand (hihi).  Ijassdie is pronounced as I-JUST-DIE and it means ‘I just die’ nothing else. It’s simple, easy to remember and catchy too.

You are in a tight position, financially, education sucks, lots of things to think and do about, workloads mounting and mentally you are drained, depression kicks in and you experience life doesn’t turn out the way you planned so you want to just die. That’s the sad part, but on the bright side I am so happy I passed my semester exams, out of happiness I can’t contain my joyfulness so I just want to die. It sounds awkward because I as far as I can recall nobody want to die when they are at peace or happiness. But you just want to die! Brace yourself you can never know what the future holds.

ijassdie T-shirt :)

ijassdie T-shirt 🙂

I started reading blogs in 2008, then I don’t know there will be so many blogs to read. I frequently read and visited some blogs that influences me to eventually start blogging. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to them too.

My source of inspiration:
RamblilngRuolngul (http://ruolngulworld.wordpress.com/)
Mizohicans (http://mizohican.blogspot.in/)
Keivom Diary (http://www.keivom.blogspot.in/)

ijassdie's Alexa traffic rank worldwide and in India hihiii

ijassdie’s Alexa traffic rank worldwide and in India hihiii

Thanks to all who supported me and hope to get the same from you all!!!  Basically, blogging made my life infinitely better. I read books I never would have if it weren’t for blogging. I am thankful for the lovely response I’ve gotten and amazing people I’ve met.

My Say 
Patti Hall
Frances D
Lucky Wreck 
Miss Four Eyes 
The Hook 
The Write Transition
Judy Lesko
Alan Famhoite
Thanga Khawbung 
Henry LK
Manu Zote

Top 5 views by country:
United States—————-1,657
Republic of Korea———-1,203
Saudi Arabia——————371

5 Most read/view post:
Jonathan makes a sex tape!!——————-2,232
I’m a mother fxxxxx gentlemen—————–1,225
From Jorhat with love—————————–864
LIFE: Medical Student-III————————–632

Thank-you to all those who follow me and especially to those who actually read my posts. I appreciate the encouragement, I love the interaction. I love reading your blogs and being inspired by them. I love being able to share how you’ve inspired me by either commenting on your post or by writing a post of my own that is inspired by something you have said.

I am happy that some of you have become friends. So yeah I do have something: Thanks from the bottom of my heart getting me through the first year, and I pray there will be many more to come…

From my spoken heart to yours.
-Jonathan Lalthanglien Hmar

(Jorhat, 26th August, 2013)

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