To the best teacher in the World: My DAD!

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“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” – Anonymous

Today the 5th of September is Teachers’ Day here in India! We Indian celebrate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan an academic Philosopher and the second President of India as Teachers’ Day. It is a day we honor our teachers for their selfless dedication to their students by instilling the best of what they could as a teacher: Education!

During a conversation with a friend about teachers in clinics today, the question of “the one” came up.

As I pondered on the thought of so many amazing teachers I got to be led by, I realized that the most inspirational man who had taught me balance, grace, the beauty of knowledge and the power of education, strength and most importantly love is a man who grew up in a small village called Senvon.

This man is my father. He is also a teacher himself a man whose kindness and patience are true. I had many fabulous teachers that helped open my mind to the outside world. But the person whom I listen and look up to has always been my father as the best teacher for all my life.

Imagine yourself having six children and if you are the bread earner of the family. Eight mouths to feed and to cloth you would just be happy if you could send all of your children to school, right? But that doesn’t happen to my dad. My dad would sit with us at night, morning and whenever he is not at work sharpening our pencils, re-writing our class notes so we can read better in a good handwriting, asking us to write the notes we memorized, asking questions. One thing we all know for sure was if we passed our dad’s examination at home we sure pass the exams in school! That makes us very proud and do well in exams too!

There are a lot of young guys around the world that don’t get a chance to grow up with a father. Because of that, may lack the knowledge of what “being a man” is. Sorry for them! At the same time, there are young men growing up that have a father at their disposal and still don’t get valuable life lessons. It’s a shame.

I often think he had thought that I had missed it all and that we would grow apart. The distance we have, although hard at times, is connected by memories that span the miles and in seconds we are together.

Thank you for never letting me fall too hard. Thank you for all your love and blessings. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for the times you never fully fell asleep until you knew I was home safe and for leading by example as: My Role Model, My Provider, My Protector, An Exemplar, A Disciplinarian and My Spiritual leader.

Thank you for being my Dad, my teacher and my friend! I love you and I miss you!

(Jorhat, 5th September, 2013)

16 thoughts on “To the best teacher in the World: My DAD!

  1. A Great Great Tribute to your Dad..Make Sure he get to read this and he will feel proud that his teaching,his beliefs on you is worth the hard labour he went through in bringing up you guys.. 😀

    • This write up is nothing compare to what my Dad and my mom had done to me and my other sisters and brother. I am so proud to have a dedicated parents like them.. I wish we all know who valuable our parents are and I wish I can do something to make feel them proud before they breath their last 🙂
      Thanks Hrasha.. You are such a good blogger friend.. Sorry I have been busy with class work, I could not catch up with you guys 🙂

      • Parents are always like that..They give up their everything for their children future.. 🙂
        God made Parents because He can’t be everywhere,that’s what I think.. 😀

  2. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for the times you never fully fell asleep until you knew I was home safe

    a truly moving tribute to your father, i’m very happy for you both. my partner is a teacher, so i share your profound appreciation of those who teach.

    i just wanted to visit a bit to acknowledge your follow of my poetry

    • Thanks whocouldknowthen for your kind Comment and Like 🙂 Yeah! This is true he never sleeps until I am safe home. In my place (village) we go out at night to see friends and return late at night he waited for me to make sure that I’m safe and after that he sleeps.. Oh! Blush! Thanks for sharing with your teacher friend 🙂 It is an honor for me. Teachers are the builders of tomorrow’s leaders and they deserve all the respect and kind treatment. Please do visit again btw I like your blog, the way you put up things and write.. Really nice.. Happy Blogging 🙂

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