Thrift shopping with Macklemore


If you are staying with a friend who is a big fan of R&B, rap, new wave kind’ thing chances are you will despite, your choices in music you will have to listen to almost every new song of this kind that hit the internet and have them in your laptop.

To be honest I am not born to listen to this type of music I am more into heavy metal and rock & Roll. Then, one evening he listened the “your granddad’s was 99 cents” Macklemore’s ‘Thrift shop’. I smirk and frown when I first listened to it because I don’t like the prominent underpinned looping saxophone melody, I seriously don’t! I still don’t like the saxophone melody, but somehow I can do away with that music now. This song should be played in every branded shops as a must listen to brand concious poor people as it may turn to them as an eye opener.

We used to receive parcels from the States, used clothes basically secondhand ones which are always much better than the Indian clothes and I still prefer a secondhand clothes than an Indian third class pants or shirt. Back in those days I looked nice and cute because I was chubby. I am still kind’ fat, but I don’t want to look cute anymore because I am nearing my 30s and cute it doesn’t suit an old guy like me anymore unless I am suffering from down syndrome (no pun intended). I want to be called ‘a hunk’ LOL.

Looking at our present lifestyle and fashion obsession nobody seems to care for secondhand clothes, the inexpensive, one-of-a-kind gems I discovered by scrounging through piles of dusty garments made the whole endeavor seem more like a real treasure hunt than any of the simulation computer games offered. I am not too good for secondhand. To me, it just doesn’t make sense to pay good money for something that I will wear for a couple of months. Plus, all you need to do is give the clothes a hot wash with lots of soap and tah dah- Good as new. Maybe I think the one reason why I like secondhand clothes is because I am not picky, I am not obsessed with branded high in design with a price tag that reads more than five nine digits. As long as they are clean they are fine that to me is fashion which means I look current and coordinated with no stains.
TFT_InventoryI want to if I can remove from all of us this label once we have little cash than we usually have to use branded clothes from undergarment to hand bags. Are we that rich to have them always? If you are then it is fine, but if not think again. There is a saying, “Cut your coat according to your clothes”

Thrifting is cheaper. Thrifted clothing offers more room for uniqueness. Thrift shopping allows for more creativity. One of my all-time favorite dresses that I wore for years cost less than 500 rupees. Do I really need to explain to you why more money in your own pocket is a good thing? Second-hand clothing is often higher quality than comparatively-priced clothing.

Thrifting is more environmentally and socially responsible, and personally rewarding. What are you waiting for?

(Jorhat, 24th September, 2013)

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