This Romeo is bleeding, but worth it!


If you happen to not only read my posts, but also visit my ‘About ijassdie’ page (here) in the comment section you will see some blogger friends who commented and asked me how I could manage my time to blog once every week and at the same time be a medical student. This is the one thing they all find it confusing and no doubt to a person who I think fails in managing his time it is confusing.

Let me tell you something, here in India if a person is a medical student, then they think it is the normal natural flow of body built that he should eh! must be thin. First, I am not thin, I am chubby (the exact type all beautiful girls are ready die for hihi ) that gives them the impression that I do not study! But they are wrong. I have seen many of my likes in medical school and we all fat, chubby and thin to very thin medical students study hard to pass and become a good doctor! And, I have been in this freaking jail (which we called it) for three years and I do study a lot. 😛

Enough of this foreplay lol, I am sorry the title is a bit misleading, this post is not about ‘me’ Romeo bleeding in love, this post is about my blog that I kept it silent for more than three weeks. I have reasons for it though: Time-management failure! Is that what you think? No, I was very busy, family needs their doctor! Hihi..

Last week of September my little brother was hospitalized for three days. I was so worried and very tense because he has been so healthy and helpful to especially my two sisters who he stayed with in Shillong. Many things went through my mind, what if he dies I don’t want to get married without having a brother I can count on. I want to be called ‘Papui’ (uncle in English, how in our tradition we call our father’s elder brothers) by his sons and daughters. I could not think of any other thing for three days until he was released from the hospital OK. I think those three days were the longest and hardest three days I have ever had. That shit ain’t never fun!

As planned by the urologist in Gauhati Apollo Clinic my father was supposed to have an ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock-wave Lithotripsy) by the first week of October. Which he already had thrice before once in Delhi and the others in Imphal, Manipur. So, he delayed his Lithotripsy and flew down with my mother to see my brother and to be with him in Shillong.


Mom, Ruth, Peter’s Doctor, Peter & Dad (Bethany Hospital, Shillong)

My heart sung ‘Hallulliah Chorus‘ when I saw my parents. There are two reasons for it:
Firstly, I am happy to see them after one year and eighty days to be exact.
Secondly, I am so very very happy to see my father who is always sickly and always very thin to look fat, handsome, strong and happy for his 62 years of age. My mother is always inspiring and she is a blessing because she is healthy except for some mild fever sometimes that too are very rare.

Just a few days were left for the college to be closed for the Puja Holiday so I took permission from the college to be with my brother, sisters and my parents. I was happy to see my brother doing OK and my heart jumped with joy to see him drive his car again. Seeing my family and to be with them and to have the privilege to share what our lives has taken us and to stay updated on some topics about home after so many months for me is a Gospel to my eyes and are indeed for my ears.

So, after my brother has gone back to 100% full throttle to his normal healthy health a date with the urologist was fixed for my father’s ESWL. Wait.. Just before the day we set out for Gauhati great chance brought joy and happiness in our family. A called from her University: North Eastern Hills University, Shillong, Meghalaya told my sister Ruth who started her research in 2008 and who submitted her thesis “Role of Earthworms on Soil Microbial Diversity and Leaf Litter Decomposition in Soils from Selected Forest Stands of Meghalaya” on May of this year is all cleared and she needed no viva to get her doctorate. This makes her the first female research scholars among the Hmar to get a Ph. D in Science (Microbiology).

If you study microbiology in medical school you will know how much it sucks! The one subject where I could never score good marks than to just get into the green zone, but a subject my sister chose to get a Ph. D. Arggh! Brother and sister: BIG difference!! One amazing thing that happened on that fateful day was during lunch I sat with a sister who is a research scholar in Microbiology, but during dinner I ate beside a sister who is now a Ph. D. This sounds cool.. wait no, it looks cool! That night I updated my Facebook status about me having a doctor sister and I got more than 30 Likes which so far broke my best, which was 26 Likes.

My parents left for the date the next day while me and the ‘doctor’ went to her university to finish some paper works, to thank her guide and to get her the gown for the convocation. The next day we trailed the long winding road to meet up with the rest of the family. The date for my father’s ESWL falls on Sunday the day I thought I would go to church to see some babes 😉 the same day my sister’s family from Siliguri joined us. It was a successful 30 minute procedure. Much was said about how advancement in medical science affects our lives, but there is something I would like to add. Back in 1990 during his first ESWL there was no machine in the whole of NE and the nearest machine was in Delhi that took days to complete the procedure with lines of fluids running through his body and days of hospital stay. In 2000 and 2010 Manipur has the machine too, but with days of hospital stay which cost a lot of money. This time the procedure took 30 minutes with no hospital stay and cost less than the previous three procedures.


My dad during Lithotripsy


Kidney stones after Lithotripsy.. Imagine all these bits of stones are inside my dad’s kidney!!

After my dad’s successful ESWL everything went jolly, we were as I saw it enjoying every moment because amongst us we have two beautiful, energetic and happy kids, my sister Lois with her family came all the way from Siliguri to be with my dad.

I had to go back to college for my semester exams and it’s sad to say goodbye to them and be back in a room full of books to read while the rest of India enjoy Puja holiday. I am as of now longing to be with them again in good health and to love and be loved. My sister Ruth went back to Shillong to get her Ph. D conferred by His Excellency The President of Inida Pranab Mukherjee.


Ruth receives her Ph. D from Mr. President (L-R: His Excellency The President of India Pranab Mukherjee, Ruth & Dean of Students NEHU)

So, why the hell is this Romeo bleeding and what has this bleeding worth? That’s the answer you all have been waiting so, here is it. I am a blogger I mean a regular blogger and me keeping my blog silent for more than three weeks makes me mentally bleed. I have many topics to write about during those days, but I have no time to put my thoughts into words. I have lost all those good imaginations and creative thinking right at the moment I sat down to read for my semester exam. Maybe I could not stay updated with my blogger friends and lost all my good imagination and creative thinking to blog, but all of those great things that happened to me and my family: My brother getting better and healthier, my dad got his kidney stones removed and having a Ph.D sister in the family has made every bleed worth it! All thanks to Jesus! 😀

(Jorhat, 26th October, 2013)

14 thoughts on “This Romeo is bleeding, but worth it!

  1. So,Everything fine now dude..So you can now blog as much as you want…:D
    And surely your bleeding were worth..Now study for the sem exam and update your blog as well..: 🙂
    BTW Good Luck for the Sem Exam…Mr Chubby Doc.. 😉

    • Hey Harsha.. Its been so long.. 😉 Everything is now fine.. I think I can as usual blog at least once a week.. 😀
      Semester exams are over and here i am sitting and thinking what to blog next 😦
      Chubby hahaaa 😛

      • Lol..Blog about hows was ur exam…how you did tackle the exam papers.. 😉
        And Greta to hear everything at ur end.. 😀

      • Blog about my exams? Hahaa You are funny man, Bro. My semester exam was as usual terribly (in a good way or bad way that I won’t tell you )..
        I was thinking of blogging something about relationship, but then I already made a silly promise to a little girl not to blog about it..So, in case I am going to do that I need a PASS from her 😉 Girls girls..

      • Lol..Little Girl or your Dream Girl.. 😛
        Anyway Pass Certificate from Girls are really difficult to get,mind you.. 😉

      • It would be easier to make a nulcear bomb than to get a pass from this girl (girl 😉 ) A jealousy gf does a better research than the FBI they said that sure is very very true!!

      • Lol…Indeed,in jealousy they go crazy and their craziness knows no boundaries… 😉
        Dude I have suffered this,so I know how hard it is to recover.. 😛

      • I have been there and now I can’t say I am not under the spell of one crazy girl.. But this time its better than the previous one.. sometimes she goes boom.. boom..

        “Babes are like a bad song, once you get them stuck in your head you can’t get them out again”

    • Lawm a um ie Alan 🙂
      Pathien zar choin malsawmna taksa le inchukna tieng kan dawng nasa leiin kan ta ding chun Jubilee Kum ani ri ngawt el ani tu kum chi chu. Imi lawm pui na le i mi ditsakna hai kan lawm hle 😀

  2. Was worth reading it. The Title at first glance is quite misleading though. Was expecting something like ‘Oh! Why don’t she reciprocate stuff.’
    All said and done, I enjoyed every bit reading it. Congrats all around, be it your li’l Bro, sis Ruth and Dad ofcourse.

    Ah, almost forgot to rate it. On a Scale of 5-10, where 5 being the lowest and 10 is the highest, I would gladly give you 10. I hope and pray, Simone Cowell doesn’t come onto the picture.

    • Thanks to ‘what is my IP address’ I know who you exactly are 😛 Thank you very very much dear friend (Caesar)..

      This is not like you using a different screen name :p When I traced your IP and found out its you I thought you lost your grip on reality to be so kind to give me such a rating.. Thanks once agian :*

  3. Was worth taking a minute off reading it. The Title at first glance is quite misleading though. Was expecting something like ‘Oh! Why don’t she reciprocate stuff.’
    All said and done, I enjoyed every bit reading it. Congrats all around, be it your li’l Bro, sis Ruth and Dad ofcourse.

    Ah, almost forgot to rate it. On a Scale of 5-10, where 5 being the lowest and 10 is the highest, I would gladly give you 10. I hope and pray, Simone Cowell doesn’t come into the picture.

    • A bogger friend once told me to use catchy blog title.. I don’t know whether this was that catchy, but it sure seems catchy 🙂

      Thanks for your appreciation 😀

      My blog post has never been rated like this before except for the default wordpress blog poll.. I mean not in a comment.. You make my day. Thanks for the comment and please do come back 🙂

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