Said I loved you, but I lied!


You know all those Hallmark-cards with cotton-candy-like snow you will receive or send this winter, making winter look like some magical, preferable state? Sorry to burst your bubble, but winter isn’t really like that, at least not around here in Jorhat where the temperature last night dropped to 3 degrees. That my friend is COLD for a place like here in North East India!

I am using a very strong four-letter word to describe this winter: C-O-L-D.

During summer I wrote blog posts (here) & (here) about how much I hate summer and how badly I miss winter season in those long sweaty, sleepless hot summer nights, but hey! Here I am the same person who wrote those hate posts about summer now writing how much I lied and hate winter.


I never knew this would ever happen because I always thought I like colder temperatures- winter over summer. Now I realize I like summer when the earth is at the far side of the sun and long for winter when it is near to the sun! That does not qualify my liking (?) for winter, rather it looks to me as if I want the opposite when the opposite of the other is at hand. As the saying goes, “The other side of the lawn always looks greener” This is one of many human natures. Sometimes when our hopes and aspirations become a reality we tend to dislike and regret to have even had an inclination to even think about wanting it! I am sorry, but I believe I am not the only one. Shit!

Things to hate about winter: (I will regret posting this in summer)
1. Because it’s COLD!
2. Numbness in your fingertips, toes, legs, arms, nose and whatnot..
3. The flu: Running nose.
4. The inability to ever have warm toes, especially in bed.
5. Miserable dry/itch skin and chapped lips drier than a piece of toast.
6. It takes forever to shower and getting out of the shower is brutal.
7. Comfort foods+ comfy beds+ comfort movies = WEIGHT GAIN!
8. All the thick, layered sweaters make you look like you’ve gained weight!
9. It’s pitch black by 4:00 PM.
10.Waking up in winter is a 100 times harder than waking up in the summer. Getting out of the warm air pockets of the bed is HELL.
11. Eternally red noses from blowing them all season (The Rudolph look is really in this winter)
12. Scarf Smell: The nasty phenomenon that occurs from breathing in your own snot smell when having to wear a scarf over your nose and mouth!

Last year was not like this freaking cold, I still remembered wearing only one sweater during December and a sweater and a jacket during January. Usually January is always colder and severe than December and only God knows how many layers of sweaters and jackets I will use. I know winter is important for killing off bugs from the year before and allowing for the old vegetation to die off so new plants and crops can grow in the spring. But I wouldn’t mind if I can go hibernating right now and return in late April when it’s spring and when everything seems to come to life.


I hate being cooped up inside, I hate wearing heavy clothes and winter coats. I think I am suffering from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) maybe I need vitamin D. Oh Fuck! I hate this cold winter, but I never said I miss the coming summer!

Winter in Jorhat is cold, dark, gray, dirty, boring, and I want to sleep through it! Worst of all for a medical student like me who does not have the privilege to go home for Christmas! To all the winter lovers, just fucking go home and let me creep along in peace.

Hey! Winter, Said I loved you, but I lied!

(Jorhat, 17th December, 2013)

8 thoughts on “Said I loved you, but I lied!

  1. I was a summer baby, so I love the hot weather. I hate being cold, especially snow, which we get regularly in the UK at this time of year (touch wood, none as yet). I am going to be in Poland in January which can get as cold as minus twenty five at that time of year :0/

    • I thought I was a winter guy, but with this winter unleashing all its COLD I change my mind. Now I know what I dislike.. HOT SUMMER and COLD WINTER! We don’t get snow here at least that’s great I guess.. I heard Poland is freaking cold.. Good Luck 😀

  2. At this point in my life I dislike the extremes, so spring and fall are my favorite weather. Winter clothes and boots are too heavy. I like light jacket weather. Stay warm and snug. Waving at you from a snowy NJ

    • If winter is here can spring be far behind? Can’t wait for Spring to come.. Had enough of this COLD already! It sucks more for me because of the hospital duties which I can’t skip!! Arrggghhh!!

    • Layers of clothing to a guy who already looks big enough without even a T-shirt makes him look like HULK.. I don’t know what happens this year Jorhat is freezing 😀 Maybe all the things they said about Global Warming is not actually what it is..

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