Dear Blog: Last week was awesome!


7th from the right like a BOSS (that is me)

As the calendar changes from 2013 to 2014 I’m filled with such a wide range of emotions. Hope, happiness, melancholy.. A whole handful of emotions, some I don’t even have names for..


Hello and Happy New Year to my blogger friends and readers! I just cannot believe 2013 was over. Hard to even believe we have already crossed the first week of January 2014. Wow, that one really flew. I have a penchant for even numbers and 14 happens to be one of my lucky numbers so I am quite looking forward to 2014!

This will be my first post for 2014 and the title of this post might not be quite what it looks like to be for first posts of the year, but anyway what can I do because it’s already published. Maybe I should try to change the title to something palpable to the guts, which will fit to be the first post of the year, but then I am afraid I might need to write all the silly ‘Oppa Medical Student’s Style’ party we had on 31st night. of 2013 The more I think about changing the title the more I am concerned about the so many half-brain mouthy-mouthy asshole goofing around the internet, I had better take my hands off from even trying to write it. Done!


Oppa Medical Student Style

I don’t have the slightest idea whether this will be the perfect fit for the first post of the year, but I believe of all the things I think about writing this one topped the chart so here it is. I’m really not a huge fan of the weekdays/weekend recap. Usually they include a lot of “I did this and blah blah blah” and “I also did this and blah blah blah” and “oh, it was so cool when I did this and blah blah blah.”

You get the point? I’m sure. Weekdays or weekend, whatever recap tends to be boring, diary-type entries that few people probably actually find interesting. So feel free to skip this post. Unless of course you’re dying to know about how the world revolves around me last week .Let’s get started.

Sunday- Wednesday:
Stayed up the whole Saturday night watching movies (a tradition in medical school) so I slept the whole Sunday, I didn’t even remember what it was like I mean the first Sunday of the year let alone going to Church. I missed breakfast, lunch and woke up late in the evening dying of hunger! Login to whatever social networking site I am plugged into: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (I hope I am still safe mentioning up to this because if she knows the other things I am plugged into. Man, I am dead meat!)

Wait, I almost forget to mention the thing that fires up all my cylinders. Which was: As I logged into my blog, I got a notification from WordPress telling me that my stats was booming with visitors. I know you all have a good load of traffic in your blog and this might be nothing to boast or write about in comparison to what you have, but for a blog which gets 50-80 visitors per day on an average well that was Christmas all over. I was I think the happiest blogger alive! It looked to me like my blog was the last lady to be alive after the apocalypse and all the visitors to my blog are men asking her hand in marriage. Sunday I got about 263, Monday about 562 visitors, Tuesday about 1006 visitors and Wednesday 1452 visitors.


Sunday Stats


Wednesday stats

Previously I wrote a post about sex (Jonathan makes a Sex Tape!!) which unexpectedly got a good reception, readers and even got featured in a magazine here in Jorhat. August 28 of last year I wrote ‘Reasons why you should date a Medical Student‘ (maybe out of desperation) so as to enlighten the public reasons why dating a medical student is a must in the light of the deepening primary care physician shortage which I never expect to get anybody’s attention other than my other medical student friends, but contrary to what I believe that was the reason my stats is booming with visitors. Thanks to all the visitors most of them from the Philippines, United States and India, even though, as I expected to get me a new girl because of the sudden increase of my stats things don’t always don’t turn up the way I like, but my hopes are still intact and are high to get a new ‘another’ one shortly (LOL)

The worst day for a guy who can’t live without an internet connection because I lost my internet connection. I would often joke with my college friends that as long as I have an internet connection I don’t need them because all my close friends are on the other side of my computer screen while the rest of them are in front.

In Jorhat all the 3G internet providers like Reliance, AirCel, BSNL, AirTel are boasting about their so called flawless 3G internet speed of 7.2 MB/s service and its true they all have their best service in their respective offices (sarcasm), but 1 kilometer away from their office their 3G network is fucked!

Of all those mouth-ass boasting providers Airtel seems to be doing their homework far better than all the rest so most of us students use their service and we are all happy until Thursday. According to their terms and conditions if you recharge your internet 3G with Rs. 755- 4GB, Rs.855- 5GB and so on after the designated 4GB or 5GB are used up the internet will still be in 3G speed, but the speed will plummet down to 80kb/s which I don’t mine because I am a student and student are usually poor. Guess what the speed of my interned on Thursday: 9-10kb/s. You can’t even open Google’s home page with that! After so many, “Hi, my name is Jonathan and I would like to complain about the 3G internet speed here….” As if not a single fuck was given to my complaint, I was offline for the whole 24 hours and that so far might be the worst day of my so far 2014!

I got money from home.. Hurray!! It bought a book for the new session of my medical studies. Now I am literally bankrupt!

Saturday is a half day class for us except for the 1st year students and the first class cancelled so like the rest of my friends I knock door-to-door visited room-to-room searching for movies. Last year, while I was recuperating because of our bus accident (here) in Gauhati a friend of mine told me about a good-new-movie of my type coming up called ‘Captain Phillips’ not only that I knew there was also another of my 100% type movie called ‘Lone Survivor coming up early January. That night unexpectedly a friend of mine got ‘Captain Phillips’ not knowing how good the movie was, instead he watched Dhoom 3 (Another type of movies I would not watch if I am going to get paid for watching it). I watched Captain Phillips without even blinking my eyes so as not to miss any scene. I love it, it was awesome!


Deep in my subconscious I knew that date: January 10th was the date they will release ‘Lone Survivor’ in America and scheduled to be released by 17th of January in motherland India. The book (Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10) written by the Lone survivor Marcus Luttrell with assistance from novelist and ghostwriter Patrick Robinson and published in 2007 by Little, Brown and Company which I read over a couple of times and listen to the audiobook like it was the best Iron Maiden song over and over again.

As I browse the net I read an article which reported that the movie Lone Survivor movie was leaked. Right away, all guns blazing I hit every torrent site I knew trying to get the movie and I did get the movie after it was uploaded 6 hours ago. Within an hour the two most awaited movies of ‘my type’ for 2014 are saved on my hard disk! Ah! It was Christmas all over again! Fuck Saturday class I watched both the movies till 7 in the morning!


I thought of writing a review on the movie Lone Survivor, if I do write I will mention this, but in case I don’t I just want to add this, I love American Navy Seals. I think I am the only person out of the Seals community knowing so much about them (but I don’t say I know the guy shot and killed Osama Bin Laden). So, if you happen to see the movie you will notice at the beginning of the movie are Seals-to-be in their 3rd week of BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal Training) called Hell Week: Its sole purpose is to separate the undecided from the committed in a ritual every SEAL must pass and no SEAL wants to repeat! 132 hours of only 3-4 hours of sleep before they passed and headed to Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, Calif., and those guys shown in the movie are BUDS Class of 234.

To add to your knowledge if I may, US Navy Seals are careful enough not to have so many of their full BUDS class clip/movie/documentary feature on the internet so they have one specific full documentary of their training on YouTube which happen to be BUDS class 234 and I even have that too! I told you I love it. If I were born in America I would pass BUDS and become the most elite fighting force in the face of the earth: US Navy Seals!


Saturday- Sunday:
If you read through all the lines of this post you will know by now what I do on Saturday and Sunday right? Saturday I downloaded the new Sherlock Holmes’ Season 3, Episode 1&2 ‘The Empty Hearse’ and ‘The Sign of Three’. I am not a big fan of movies which does not end within max. two and half hours because they are usually Bollywood movies and I hate all of them! Most of all I hate serials, I have never liked it, with all the Korean drama serials floating the market and Hindi serials (remember we all have different taste) where we can predict the storylines and the acting are not Oscar-worthy, but as it may we will continue to watch until they just can’t make them anymore!

I was in the first instance, last year reluctant a bit because for the love of detective comics and movies I don’t want to spoil my impression on beloved Sherlock the master of deduction, but when all the un-watched movies I have are marked watched and nothing new to see I took Sherlock’s serials. With the first case he solved in the first season, episode one ‘The study in Pink’ I am in love with Sherlock’s serials.


If you watched any serials or episode (if you want to call it) they usually are boring and long. And, the messed up part of it are you have to see the next episode to understand the previous or the things which will come out in the future. Well, in Sherlock’s serials every episode is like a movie. In one episode he solved one or two cases and ends without any apprehension of what might be in the next episode. Because he is after Sherlock and that episode is not made by a guy from Korea or India. (LOL)


So there you have it: the Dear Diary style weekdays recap. I tried to make it somewhat interesting, but I’m still truly impressed if any of you actually made it this far (without some serious skimage).

Today might just be another Monday for you, but for me, it’s the beginning of a big, big day. From Monday to Wednesday the college is closed for holiday, Assam state holiday: Bihu! The beginning of something I am not sad to see coming, even though I am not quite sure what that will look like..

Jorhat 13th January, 2014

5 thoughts on “Dear Blog: Last week was awesome!

  1. Happy New Year I Jass Die, ngo.
    Love to read thru the post.. thoroughly on tha navy, seal !@# not my type 😀 , Kap ie nuom am lai vel.. hehe.. Hell of a weekend to start with.. Good luck ahead ngo..

    • Thanks Ngo and Happy New Year to you too 🙂
      I am delighted you liked this post 😀 Yes, I know so much about them Navy SEALS and would like to be one because at the end they are at the service of the nation which every citizen as we are bound to do. To be a Seals and serving the nation what other profession could I ask for? (Only if I am an American)

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