I am living with Ghosts!

CaptureI have been going through a tough time in my life. I feel I can share what it’s like and what it is all about sharing spaces and living with ghosts and I do hope you will understand me.

I am living with ghosts!

Seriously dude..? Yes, but different type and I am as sure as hell has their beast master, I know it in my bones and I don’t need an Ouija board to prove to you they are here. I know they are everywhere and I could even see them and even talk to them and right now I could hear their footsteps approaching my dorm room. They are not frightening like you would think they could be, this I, realized only after sharing and staying with them for so many years now. Unless.. Unless what.. You pissed them off!

Photo1102I have been sharing space with dead people for the past 3 years and this year would make my fourth, but to a trained and experienced eye (in medical school you actually have to see a lot- dead people) seeing dead, mutilated bodies and corpses in the hospital or morgue rooms doesn’t get me wriggle out easily, but this place is too much!

My first incident dated back in 2010 when I joined medical school and experiencing things the ways of the Mohicans that scared the living daylight out of me. It was as if like my heart dropped to my stomach or it jumped out of my chest I was frozen by their sights! It was the scariest of the most scary things I have ever encountered. In short, I was scared shitless!

Hostels and ghost stories are frequent, right? A medical school hostel with mortuary a few yards from the hostel I think the hairs at the back of your neck just stood up, goosebumps everywhere (even in your butt crack) and your scare scale just steps up red-hot, right? I was foolish enough not to consider all these factors firsthand before going to medical school. If I did, then I would not choose in the name of all that has power to cast out demons this road less travelled by!

Ever since, I have never had a proper sound sleep at night. I was frequently woken by noises every night some loud, some low murmuring and most of the time they were loud and sudden followed by a deafening silence. Even with the lights on, rock music blasting in my ears, it still doesn’t distract me from the paranoia. The worst thing of it all is at night and I mean dead at night sometimes when the electric current went off and especially at full moon nights, I would hear them singing and dancing as if to the death in groups their songs strange in tunes and the language alien to me. On some other nights I could hear them howling out of joy or anger as if all the ghosts in the hostel just turned into wolves from some prehistoric blood thirsty beast as to celebrate new death and welcome a new member among them or their ghost energy level just jumped to higher energy level.

I once saw a bunch of them ghost fighting getting pissed off at each other, then only I realized they have some sort of supernatural power. I’ve seen them move things, I saw books levitating, clothes flying everywhere, growling with blood red eyes, ready to attack, claws as long as the claws of Wolverine. Sometimes at night they would just leave the faucets running the whole night, water flooding the bathroom, I have no reasons as to why they did that and until to this day I have no answers.

I have wandering ghost passing through my dorm room, at least I would say some of them would like to sit with me and talk to me and know more about me, but some would simply knock on my door with a quick fading footsteps afterwards, but that’s not all. They walk right through my dorm room, take whatever they wanted never asking politely as if someone gave it to me for them. After I finished the first year, some ghosts would open doors and followed me around (which I actually enjoy), the ghosts that shows up when I’m bathing (well that was not enjoyable). Back then, before I knew what they really are I often said I am scared of these ghosts more than the whole army of the Taliban!

After sleeping, dining and struggling at college and helping one another during sickness and staying under the same roof with them for already three years I have also slowly without me knowing anything I have been transformed into one of the most badass ghost actually the higher order of the hierarchy. From then on I never see them as ghosts as they had never been. I have understood and speak the strange mystical language which was alien to me before. Barking at the moon on a full moon night like all of them, party hard till dawn, enjoy holidays, skip class and clinics like all medical students do. Sit with them in class at the back (where only the badass beast dares to sit), study with them in the library and pump iron with them in the gym.


So who is the GHOST now?


Back L-R: Doley & Me
Front L-R: Darpan, Khanindra, Binoy, Rahul, Amatya & Arnab


L-R: Me, Dimpy, Dalimi, Fwichali, Baby & Ipsita

We all have learned to love and respect each other like all mature ghosts would and developed a strong bond of friendship froze by pain, hardship, struggle and most of all love. We all face the same difficulties and all strive to attain the wisdom and knowledge to become a medical doctor, which we will all be after some more years. I love my friends no matter how mischievous, they sometimes are- ‘like me’, in rough winds or calm seas; rainy or sunny days, we are what we are a dedicated doctor-in-training, paid in full for us by the state to be in her service after our time here is done.

We are never out of the fight!

Jorhat, 15th January, 2014

[The writer has no intention to hurt any of his medical student friends’ feelings 🙂 ]

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