If you really knew me..

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If you really knew me..

+You’d know I can sit in front of a computer which has an internet connection the whole day and the whole night without eating food for two days(Done that!).

+You’d know I prefer headphone over woofer! This damn thing occupy space, consumes electricity and hell they disturb others!

+You’d know I love zarda paan, but don’t use drugs or drink or party. I don’t get high at all, I was born high!

+You’d know I love Facebook (giving sarcastic comments to close Facebook friends), YouTube and most of all Blogging (I know I suck at writing, but I want to improve my writing and grammar skills, that’s it, that’s the simple truth!).

+You’d know in a relationship I don’t play around because I don’t have the looks, even if I have I won’t, I believe in loyalty! There is one thing among other things I value in a relationship and that’s Loyalty. Without it you are nothing and you have no one. In a relationship that’s the only fcuking currency you can count on. I hope you get my drift!

+You’d know I’m not afraid of spiders or snakes, but I have an irrational terror of rats . One time I stepped on a dead mouse with my bare foot (accidentally) and ran through the house screaming bloody murder before dousing my foot in the sink… while crying (slight exaggeration).

+You’d know I love Hollywood movies. Movies that stoke our adrenaline. Movies that make us think, or wonder. Movies that shock us. Movies that surprise us. Movies that inspire us. And movies that make us ask questions like, “Can someone really make soap out of human body fat?”

+You’d know I hate horror movies, especially gory ones. Refuse to watch them. I get genuinely freaked out. Also, I hate animated movies! I mean dude I am an adult with an adult mind not an adult with a child’s mind! (*Because most of my adult friends like watching them, *Sarcasm!)

+You’d know I would give anything to be a US Navy Seals! No doubt about it!

+You’d know that patience is not one of my stronger qualities.

+You’d know I don’t text/message/SMS on the phone even if I get one! I don’t have the time for it even when I have nothing else to do. I hate it!

+You’d know I don’t have many shirts, shoes or pants to fancy my whatever! I don’t believe looks could out do your personality/intellect! (Self promoting, Bullshit!) But the cloths I have, I don’t wear them dirty.

+You’d know I love college holidays, College Weeks and anything about no class in the college.

+You’d know I love finding a good bargain.

+You’d know I love playing Suduku, Mahjong Tiles.

+You’d know I love imagining, talking, projecting, planning about the future and most of all ‘Think’ because anything can happen in your thoughts and there are no boundaries

+You’d know I am a good listener I like listening to people, even people I don’t know. All right, I know that’s technically eavesdropping, but man, people have great stories.

+ You’d know I speak my mind, and I’m not shy about it and don’t care what others might think about me. I mean to say I am frank and honest when it comes to expressing my thoughts and what’s on my mind. I think I am stubborn, I don’t want to accept this on certain level of sanity, but maybe I am really this. Shit!

+You’d know I love reading not necessarily thick college books, I love reading novels (intensify during exams)- Reality based!

+ You’d know my number one love language is ‘Words of Affirmation’, hands down. The best thing anyone can do for me is say (or better yet, write) something loving, encouraging, uplifting or nice to me. Nothing makes me happier than to receive an affirming text message or note, or to hear. Yep. Words of Affirmation. Love ‘em.

+ You’d know weather affects my moods, big time. And so does too much uric acid in my blood! And not enough. And stupid people. And… yeah. I can be kind of a moody person.

+ You’d know I have to sleep with at least one foot outside the covers… usually both. And I don’t sleep with a pillow or blanket over my face. I don’t want to sleep early and I hate to get up early!

And… I guess that’s all for now. This was sort of fun, to think up things only those closest to you would know. You should try it!

Jorhat, 18th February, 2014

14 thoughts on “If you really knew me..

  1. I have a terrible fear of rats too. I got stuck on sticky paper with a few when I was young and ever since then I can’t even look at photos of them… or anything in the rodent family.

    Also, if I were I guy I’d love to be a Navy SEAL too!

    – Deirdre

    • The dead are the worst for me.. because I can’t shoo-shoo them away.. I mean if they are alive you could scare them away by shouting, but once they are dead.. I am dead too! If a lion and a mouse are kept in a case I would do whatever in my might not to look at the case which has the mouse in it. I am afraid of them and I hate them!!

      If I am an American, I am sure I will be a Navy Seal!

  2. I’m with you on the mice and rats! Many years ago I lived in an old house and one night I got up to use the bathroom and found a mouse drowned in the toilet. Not sure what I thought a dead mouse would do to me but was not waiting around to find out—I ran back to bed screaming and about scared my husband to death! Snakes are even worse. Hate them! When I was a little kid I refused to look at or touch pictures of snakes even! At age 5 I wasn’t sure if they might try to jump off the page and get me! LOL Still not fond of them!

    Thanks for the like on my blog today!

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