You Know What The Right Thing Is?

Driving along another main street he found his landmark, past the shops and the gate of the previous house. For a few moment he just stood there, he knows where to go, the house is just a few yards down the street. In a sense he’d been there before because he had his mind rehearse for this moment more often than he wants to count. Parked his vehicle outside the gate and steps outside a fine October day, winter is coming the skies are platinum the remains of the fallen leaves swirling around his feet.

“Would this ever become easier?” he thought

Not so far..

He walks his way through the blowing leaves and climbs the flight of steps and knocks on the door. She was pretty, the lady who answers the door, long dark hair, sparkling brown hazel eyes, tall, she has a happy smile too and the look of a very confident woman. He follows her inside the house and he thought. “This is it, I am finally back! But why am I immediately nervous around her? Maybe it is a natural thing to be a little bit nervous around someone you love, but not to this level of nervousness that cuts my thoughts and left me awkward silence.”

Somewhere in the house he could hear someone mumbling, that’s a familiar voice he thought, way to easy for him to recognize whose voice it is least to say. He is in his ‘Miss Universe’ heaven and doesn’t want someone to burst out of nowhere and disrupt his most awaited moment just then the voice calls out his name louder and louder each call. Wait.. Wait.. “Wait why do you have to speak so loud, keep it down will you? Show some respect we are not in the jungle anymore, dude!” He turns to apologize to the lady sitting beside him, “He’s just a hostel friend way too happy to be back home” but to his utter dismay the lady was no more beside him! What is the deal here! What on earth is happening on right now?

Business meeting

He felt several taps on his shoulder he turns to see it was his hostel friend with lunch in his hands standing behind him with a big smirk.

Startled he looks up and said, “Oh my God you are the one calling out my name the whole time while I thought I was having a good time. How could you do that?”

His friend replies, “I am sorry to burst your bubbles, but welcome back to reality”

Yeah, it is a reality indeed, a hot summer Jorhat reality!

“I have been here in your room for more than a couple of minutes and why in the name of all that is holy are you not responding, did I just saw you sleeping with your eyes open?” his friend asks!

“Are you in the zone again”? He continues

“Are you kidding me? I am not asleep I was dreaming sort of something else and I am doubtful you know the difference between dreaming during the day and at night or dreaming with your eyes open or close. I know you are not going to understand it anyway” he sarcastically commented.

He continues, “I am in no zone right now. I am tired, hungry and can’t wait to go home. I hate the heat and I especially hate you charging in like that all guns blazing while I was with someone”.

Suddenly he remembers it was just his minds playing tricks on him, quickly he asks what’s on lunch so as to distract his friend, but his friend already suspicious about the whole ordeal sternly said, “I damn well know you are in the zone!!”

“Aha! Yyou’re thinking about this girl again, ain’t you? Pointing at the pencil sketch picture of the girl opposite to his study table. I bet you even pray to her before you study or is she your new god or some shit? The same girl, the ‘Miss Universe’ who speaks your language, the typical you, the only her? (giving a serious emphasis on the only) Why not widen your variety?”

With that his friend picks up his mobile phone swipe it unlock and opens the call history, “Just as I thought- Home.. Her.. Her.. Home.. Home.. Her.. Home.. Her..

When are you trying to be like all the rest, you pathetic freak! Spreading his hands to his imaginary cheering crowd as if they both are in a stage, “Let’s all welcome my friend to the new trend”

“The new trend of you’re the only one to more than one girl? Sign me out dude, I mean I’m serious as a heart attack into her and you ask me to talk to other girls too? Are you crazy? I am not into that, you know me, either it’s one or it’s nothing at all. No way I am taking your sorry ass advice!

His friend dejected he slump on the chair and continues,” I warn you this, don’t hurt yourself you understand?” he added with this he hands him the lunch he bought for him. “Let’s eat this and talk shit about how not to cook because the hostel cooks are full of shit when it comes to cooking!”

Oh stop it! He replied.

“You’ll give yourself a nose bleed and I swear I will go medieval on you! Don’t ask me to widen my variety like you all because that’s not the way it has to be and I see no good reasons for that!” he added.


Grabbing his lunch from his friend’s hands he continues, “You can’t have your head on the right place and your heart in different place that’s just wrong! How could you do that? How would you feel if someone does that to you? C’mon man, you are missing this by a mile, stop worrying about me and look at this shit” with that he picks up a strand of hairs from his food and continues “I hope this shit is not from somewhere other than the cooks head”. Damn! This is a bit of a clusterfuck isn’t? he added.

He went out to wash his plate and thinks, “Why are most guys jerks? Why can’t they function with just one girl or least to say why do they have to be so damn stupid and say you are the only one to more than one girl? But some slimy ass girls believe the hype too. Oh! That power!!  Why throw a dice in a relationship? If they can’t love a single girl then why bother her or maybe they love different girls at the same time? Some guys need an ass whooping wait he thought it’s most guys and then he laughs..

“Why so early was it because of the hair in the food or you on Auschwitz diet” his friend coming towards the sink asked. ”Hey spare me a smoke will you, I like to smoke after a meal” his friend continues as he washes his plate. For God’s sake you know I don’t smoke, let me tell you this in saying so he turns towards his friend, “Don’t try to bullshit me, I am in no mood for that!”

“Oh! You are still mad, I am so sorry I wish I had known you were with your ‘Miss Universe’, only if she too is with you in the same pace, that would be lovely, don’t you think? Tell me, you don’t smoke and you don’t get high at all. How is it? It must be very boring in that brain of yours. If you are kind enough to entertain me tell me the probability of you two ever getting together in a relationship 0.0000014?? His friend asked laughing.

“No, I do get high, I have an alternative to getting high” he interrupted, “but you will not beat the level of it with your booze my dear friend” he simply replied and chuckle as he wipes his hands in the towel outside.

His friend already anxious to know what doesn’t beat his high for several times ask him, but to no avail, he simply replied, “You said you know me so do your research!”

Thinking for sometimes his friend in a very scornful manner said, “I know what you mean, it’s the phone call you have with her that make you high, that’s it! Then, what do you make up for all the messages? Another form of you being high too? Is it a 5 or a 7?”

“Okay” he started, “Take the best orgasm you’ve ever had, multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near it”. Meanwhile his friend clasping his hands said, “Please for crying out loud all I’m asking you just don’t focus on ‘The One’, you know what I mean? Have someone in the sideline too, which is easy that’s not even rocket science. That’s how things are now in modern days, you old freak!”

He calmly, but confidently replied, “Maybe that’s the way you believe it and the way you are programmed to see it before you were born, but me, I envy you man, seriously, I do. I wish I was a little more like you because you know I am like this by default! What can I do about it, but I think this is the best way and the only way to have a healthy relationship if you must, you may think I’m wrong, but I have a lifetime to prove it!”  “By the way, how does it feel to be in your toes all the time? Does your girlfriend ever know about that girl and this girl or doubt you? It must be tense right?” Trying to keep the conversation lighter he tried his best to joke on his friend.

“Oh! That’s just awful! You make me wanna kick my own butt you are worse than I thought” his friend raze, “I’m trying to help you here because you’re my friend and I think I know today’s girl, but you are not helping yourself one dang bit! If you are too dumb to handle more than one girl at a time then, we need to visit Psych ward soon!” With a loud thud on the table he looked at him in disbelief!!


That only makes him laugh harder, “You can’t rush perfection boy! he added as he chuckles.” “I will tell you, he continues you know what is right, but simply you can’t handle the truth and I can’t handle your directness!” “That’s just wrong! All the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference either!!” “Let me refresh this to you she is not your so-called today’s girl! She is like the snow, beautiful, but cold sometimes..”

You know that feeling looking towards his friend who pretends not to listen to him there’s this girl you’ve been chasing forever. You positively, absolutely, can’t stop thinking about her. She’s the most amazing woman in the world, no wait we are talking about the universe here- you’re certain of it. There’s never been another one like her.

Her laughter sounds like the delicate tinkling of the finest crystal.

Her voice sounds like the music of the heavens.

The sight of her sets your heart pounding so hard you’re afraid it might jump out of your chest..

“Yeah, yeah I know you love this girl truly, madly, deeply and more than anything else and you’d do anything for her for that I am happy for her and I must say she is very lucky to have someone thinking for her like that.” “By the way she knows about all this stuff or is it still locked up inside your head?” He asked.

“If you’ll humor me for the sake of friendship one more advice his friend added please know when to walk away from unrequited love!” “I really don’t wanna see you hitting rock bottom. Your suspense is killing me and I hope it last forever” with that he stands ready to go.

As his friend prepares to leave he said, “I’m sorry to say this, but there are no secret cheat codes to a woman’s heart, but building a nuclear bomb might be easier. It’s a deep ocean of unexplored secrets.” “The possibility of rejection looming deeply scary, but the heart wants what it wants! When the stars align and fate plays its way two people will come together and form something magical, something that can’t be produced by mare existence of coincidence, something calculated and designed to change the world as we now know it.”

The rest is still unwritten.

Jorhat, 5th June, 2015

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