Dear Future Wife

CaptureDear Future Wife,

As I waited for my class today I found myself thinking about you and realized I must be careful when thinking about you, if you exist I mean. The reasons I need to be careful is just simple: I am afraid that I might make you an idol or think that you are perfect. I must know that just like me you have flaws. Oh beautiful and precious flaws that I would not want to change because they make you you. Also, I am afraid to think and make you into something you’re not.
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To the best teacher in the World: My DAD!

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“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” – Anonymous

Today the 5th of September is Teachers’ Day here in India! We Indian celebrate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan an academic Philosopher and the second President of India as Teachers’ Day. It is a day we honor our teachers for their selfless dedication to their students by instilling the best of what they could as a teacher: Education!

During a conversation with a friend about teachers in clinics today, the question of “the one” came up.

As I pondered on the thought of so many amazing teachers I got to be led by, I realized that the most inspirational man who had taught me balance, grace, the beauty of knowledge and the power of education, strength and most importantly love is a man who grew up in a small village called Senvon.
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The things that should not be

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It’s approaching the end of another half a month. What a month it’s been: the exams, the not like the IJASSDIE previous blog posts of not so many blog posts, Jonathan gets stuck to study for his semester exam and possibly the most non stylish monkey to ever walk this planet shopping for his summer dress. But, alas, there has been some things that have really got under my skin (dip-dye anyone?). So, to fuel my angst and irritability, I have made a list of them. There were probably more than 20, but I didn’t want to upset myself even more. Feel free if you ever have one to add to the list below or in the comment box.
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Happy Birthday to Me

Snip from my Facebook profile

Snip from my Facebook profile

Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.” – Unknown

I need precisely 24 more years to meet up with my Abraham. How often will you ask me how old I am? Do I need to tell you? Stop asking use google or your brain if you really like to know! Got it??

If you see a-well built about 5.10 feet, fair young man, very energetic and frank wearing a spiky or almost a mohawk style hair style with a beard walking the street that might be me. If that young man you just saw eats a zardapaan all the while if he is not laughing looks very serious, that’s definitely me. Well that was my introduction. If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me in Instagram and Twitter you will know me better.
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I love you this BIG

I love you this BIG“Mama I love you, Mama I care, Mama I love you, Mama my friend” – Spice Girls (Mama)

There are certain things this life has bestowed us: love, sorrow, greed, pain, joy, the freedom to pursue our dreams and desires and the free will to choose. Some lasting for a few days to weeks, months to a few years and some for a lifetime, all the while for different purposes: Some giving us regrets, memories, a scar that remains in us no matter how much we want them to be healed and still some with a lesson to learn and shape our lifetime for a better future. They may come in different forms: Lovers, friends, co-workers, neighbor and so much more.
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sweet GIRL o’ mine


If I can’t have you right now I’ll wait dear – Guns n’ Roses (Patience)

Right now, Facebook gets a nice little punch by spam, “Find How Much Your Lover Loves You? “I don’t know it quite well, but every time somebody click on that link it somehow mutates itself as comments to friends asking how much their partner loves them. Sounds interesting right? No, it‘s quite irritating because it’s odd, nobody needs a love guru or a psychiatrist and an app from Facebook trying to help is way too much. The reason they all know how much they are loved!!

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Connection & The Song Received

Snip from the official video of 'Near or Far' by Carrisa Rae

Snip from the official video of ‘Near or Far’ by Carrisa Rae

Best believe I’ll make mistakes, but love won’t stop, it has no brakes – Carissa Rae (Near or far)


I made a promise to myself that fateful night when my 3G internet pack of 2GB that I recharged just six days ago was squeezed out of its dear life to roll back into 2G Airtel service where I have to pay only ninety eight rupees for 1GB. The speed sucks big time in 2G, but in my shoes right now, I think it is the best I could do away with my financial *prosperity. (*sarcasm)
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