Worthy is the DOG that was slain


If I have a den full of big fat dogs for food I will consider myself a millionaire- Author

One of the first questions your friends back home will ask you after you stayed away from home (Vai-Ram) is how many dogs (street dog) you have killed. I have been staying in Jorhat from 2010 and August of this year will complete my three years stay and I have killed none. This killing dog thing is some way to prove to your friends (not necessarily to elders, parents or sisters) back home that you are really outside the state and it’s embarrassing to tell them you have not. I used to think this as same as some kind of African tribal rituals to prove a boy is a man or a gang initiation to let them know that you are part of them. So I made a mental note that the next time I have the chance I will not miss it!
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