The Devil of Joints


“Gout, gout, gout leave me be”- Author

Humans.. We are DNA-based living organism. You may not regard yourself to be a machine, but one way or the other human is a machine. Some may argue that we are just made of flesh and bones. How could we be possibly a machine? Yes, that is also true we are flesh and bones, but being a machine does it imply to be made from iron, steel and kilometers of wiring? I don’t quite think you think that way too. So, we are machine: a DNA-based computer! I know that sounds crazy, but with a thought processing unit, a machine who can feel pain, sorrow and joy compared to the other machine we know yes we are machine. I am not making that up this is it the real deal. It depends on you whether or not you gulp it! Sometimes we need to change the way we think things.

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Is sex on the menu?

chickenlovesex copy “Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer.” -Swami X

This thought came to me while I was in a restaurant with a friend. We witness something that we think would only happen in some foreign countries and never in our slightest imagination did we imagine will ever happen in India. But it did happen in India! That too in Jorhat!! The details of it better keep it secret. Oh! Wait it was like watching  XXX movie in 3D that too in a restaurant. I never knew how eating titties and pizza at the same time could be so tasty.

I got nothing against this kind of act in a restaurant. What I got a problem with is the new relationship boyfriend-girlfriend myth! You know the new relationship myth? There is this myth that’s being perpetuated throughout society. The new boyfriend-girlfriend myth is we are doing this to make our relationship grow stronger and make it lasting!
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Ladies y’all gonna make us lose our mind


“No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy” -Paris Hilton 

In my previous blog post (here) I mentioned something about me nearing 30 years of age and still on my graduation course with another 2-3 years left for me as a student. It seems one of my friends who is a girl seems a bit concerned about that. Why? Because she thought just because I said I am nearing my 30s I am like dead close to my 30s, maybe like 28 or 29. But what if I said I’m nearing my 50s does that makes me 49 years of age? And, yes I am nearing my 90s too.

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