This Romeo is bleeding, but worth it!


If you happen to not only read my posts, but also visit my ‘About ijassdie’ page (here) in the comment section you will see some blogger friends who commented and asked me how I could manage my time to blog once every week and at the same time be a medical student. This is the one thing they all find it confusing and no doubt to a person who I think fails in managing his time it is confusing.

Let me tell you something, here in India if a person is a medical student, then they think it is the normal natural flow of body built that he should eh! must be thin. First, I am not thin, I am chubby (the exact type all beautiful girls are ready die for hihi ) that gives them the impression that I do not study! But they are wrong. I have seen many of my likes in medical school and we all fat, chubby and thin to very thin medical students study hard to pass and become a good doctor! And, I have been in this freaking jail (which we called it) for three years and I do study a lot. 😛
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