Surviving a major accident- Saved by Grace!


A few moments after the accident happened, I lost my grip on reality and to be honest that was not a very good experience. After I regain my consciousness, I thought of two major things. First, thank God for my life. God has really blessed me and continues to be there for me. Second, now I am going to be hospitalized for a long time because I thought that I punctured my lungs or so I thought my ribs are broken or broke my right arm because I could not move my right hand and it hurts a lot to even try it.
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Dear Future Wife

CaptureDear Future Wife,

As I waited for my class today I found myself thinking about you and realized I must be careful when thinking about you, if you exist I mean. The reasons I need to be careful is just simple: I am afraid that I might make you an idol or think that you are perfect. I must know that just like me you have flaws. Oh beautiful and precious flaws that I would not want to change because they make you you. Also, I am afraid to think and make you into something you’re not.
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This Romeo is bleeding, but worth it!


If you happen to not only read my posts, but also visit my ‘About ijassdie’ page (here) in the comment section you will see some blogger friends who commented and asked me how I could manage my time to blog once every week and at the same time be a medical student. This is the one thing they all find it confusing and no doubt to a person who I think fails in managing his time it is confusing.

Let me tell you something, here in India if a person is a medical student, then they think it is the normal natural flow of body built that he should eh! must be thin. First, I am not thin, I am chubby (the exact type all beautiful girls are ready die for hihi ) that gives them the impression that I do not study! But they are wrong. I have seen many of my likes in medical school and we all fat, chubby and thin to very thin medical students study hard to pass and become a good doctor! And, I have been in this freaking jail (which we called it) for three years and I do study a lot. 😛
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Thrift shopping with Macklemore


If you are staying with a friend who is a big fan of R&B, rap, new wave kind’ thing chances are you will despite, your choices in music you will have to listen to almost every new song of this kind that hit the internet and have them in your laptop.

To be honest I am not born to listen to this type of music I am more into heavy metal and rock & Roll. Then, one evening he listened the “your granddad’s was 99 cents” Macklemore’s ‘Thrift shop’. I smirk and frown when I first listened to it because I don’t like the prominent underpinned looping saxophone melody, I seriously don’t! I still don’t like the saxophone melody, but somehow I can do away with that music now. This song should be played in every branded shops as a must listen to brand concious poor people as it may turn to them as an eye opener.
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Miley Cyrus Did What??

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I first met Miley Cyrus the way most of you would also do on television more than three years ago singing ‘Party in the USA’. Over the years I watched her migrate from Disney Channel sweetheart to a successful young adult singer. I watched her hair migrate from long to short from short to spunky pixie cut. I didn’t know what I thought about her tongue action habit, but I like the hair changes.

Throughout her whole migration I learn and watch her in awe, she is just too great it amazes me! I like her voice and fall in love with the kind of perfection, the kind I like. I couldn’t go any farther away from disliking her! Miley is my lady love! I honestly think I am the only guy who love Iron Maiden and Miley Cyrus equally the same.
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Remembering CFL Hmingthanga

One year later, I still ponder what might have been..

When CFL Hmingthanga died on September 9th, 2012, at the age of 45, he was already a father of four, a composer of more than 100 songs and had released over 10 music albums, a musician and very famous singer.
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To the best teacher in the World: My DAD!

Untitled-1 copy

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” – Anonymous

Today the 5th of September is Teachers’ Day here in India! We Indian celebrate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan an academic Philosopher and the second President of India as Teachers’ Day. It is a day we honor our teachers for their selfless dedication to their students by instilling the best of what they could as a teacher: Education!

During a conversation with a friend about teachers in clinics today, the question of “the one” came up.

As I pondered on the thought of so many amazing teachers I got to be led by, I realized that the most inspirational man who had taught me balance, grace, the beauty of knowledge and the power of education, strength and most importantly love is a man who grew up in a small village called Senvon.
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